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Gold Buyers Wellington, Gold Smart

Selling gold in New Zealand is easier than most assume. Gold Smart sweats all the small stuff so you don’t have to. All you have to do is bring your gold items in or send them to us for an assessment and you will be provided with a highly competitive quote. You can take your time considering our offer and make the decision that is best for your budget. Here’s a look at some of the items our gold buyers Wellington team is interested in.

Looking to Sell Gold in Wellington? Gold Smart’s Gold Buyers Have the Cash You Need

We are interested in just about everything that has gold. Even those seemingly random items you own that contain gold are likely to spur an offer from our gold buyers Wellington crew. Anything from scrap gold to gold sovereign rings pique our interest. If you own any type of sovereign jewellery that you no longer wear due to its size or outdated style, bring it in to Gold Smart.

We will convert that sovereign ring into cash that you can use for any purpose you desire. Though your sovereign rings are no longer be chic, cash certainly is! So bring your sovereign rings, scrap gold and any other gold items you own to Gold Smart to find out exactly how much money they will fetch.

Don’t Trash Those Old or Ugly Items if they Have Even the Slightest bit of Gold

A surprising number of people toss out their old items that contain small amounts of gold. People assume scrap gold and items with minimal amounts of gold have no value. In reality, these items are worth good money. Bring your gold items on in and our gold buyers Wellington team will assess them. Call ahead to schedule an appointment and we will provide an offer in surprisingly little time.

We buy just about every type of gold. Whether it is scrap gold, a broken piece of a gold necklace, aged gold coins, dental fillings or gold earrings, we will make an offer. As long as you have real gold, you will walk out of Gold Smart with a nice bundle of cash in your pocket. So, don’t assume those ugly or old pieces containing gold are worth pennies. Even if those items are severely misshapen, broken or tarnished, they will capture the interest of our gold buyers.

 Gold Buyers Wellington - Gold Jewellery

South African, Chinese and Indian Gold

Plenty of people have Indian, Chinese or South African gold collecting dust in the closet or basement. In some instances, these gold items were received as a gift. Sometimes, Chinese gold is provided by a family member as a component of a savings plan. Perhaps you have South African jewellery containing gold. We are interested in paying cash for all of these items.

There is no sense in keeping such gold items around if you rarely use them or put them on display. We will pay cash for your high-carat Indian pieces, whether they are 24ct, 22ct or 18ct. The same is true for high-carat Chinese gold, 9999 pure Chinese gold and all South African jewellery containing gold. Bring these items to Gold Smart, walk out with a wallet full of cash and go have fun!

Contact Gold Smart Today

If you are pondering whether to sell Gold in Wellington, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Our gold buyers in Wellington will answer your questions, address any concerns you might have and provide you with a fantastic quote for your gold. You can reach us by dialling 0800 465 376. We can also answer your questions with our website’s Live Chat feature conveniently positioned at theĀ top of our homepage.