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  • The Simple Choice For Selling Gold Coins In NZ

    Get great prices on gold coins by choosing Gold Smart as your buyer. As an established gold buyer we have a proven track record of purchasing gold coins at exceptional prices and providing sellers with an positive overall experience. Gold Smart accepts gold coins from around the globe. Our clients sell us coins from the United Kingdom, China, New Zealand, Australia, and many, many more countries. Gold coins come in a range of sizes and denominations with the value of each type varying greatly. Gold Smart can help you determine the worth of your gold coins and present you with an offer based on the appraisal.

    Pricing of Gold Coins

    A key determining factor of the final sale price is the weight and purity level of the gold coin alongside the international market price. Gold coins with higher purity amounts can sell for more than gold mixed with other alloys. The condition of the gold coin is another way that could impact pricing.

    There is no preparation needed to sell gold coins. Our gold experts use advanced testing methods to confirm composition of all gold bullion. To help generate a quote, we need to know a few basic details about the gold coins you wish to sell such as coin type, country of origin, denomination, and weight in grams. If you happen to have any assay certificates, this information can be found on them.

    Once you’re ready to sell your gold coins, you can make arrangements to meet with us in person in central Auckland. If you’re unable to meet with one of the Gold Smart team in person, you can request an insured courier pack which is a completely free service and includes same-day gold analysis. As soon as we analyse the gold coins, our licensed representatives will provide you with a non-obligation quote. Once you are ready to go ahead with the paperwork and finalise the sale, we will immediately transfer funds into your requested account.

    Our New Zealand gold buying prices are fair and competitive – if you are looking to sell any of the gold coins below, contact us today to get a price! You’ll find you’re making a good decision when choosing to sell to Gold Smart.

    Below are examples of historic gold coins that we buy:

    British Sovereign Gold Coin Value
    Like many gold coins, the nominal value printed on the front of a British Gold Sovereign coin – one British Pound Sterling – does not reflect the value of the precious metal found in the coin itself. Its gold fineness is set at 22 carats, while the content is officially 7.3 grams, or 113 grains, the official weight per the government from 1817 onward. Different varieties of the British Gold Sovereigns can also be found, including lesser denominations like half sovereigns and special proof editions. Here are a few of the other gold coins you may have in your collection:

    20 Frank – Leopold II, Belgium
    .900 fine gold

    Sovereign Gold – Victoria, Edward VII and George V, Great Britain
    .916 fine gold

    20 Kroner – Christian IX, Denmark
    .916 fine gold

    20 Francs – Napoleon III, Angel, Rooster, France
    .900 fine gold

    20 Mark – Wilhelm II, Germany
    .900 fine gold

    20 Korona – Franz Joseph, Hungary
    .900 fine gold

    20 Lire – Umberto I, Italy
    .900 fine gold

    10 Gulden – Willem III, Wilhelmina, Netherlands
    .900 fine gold

    10 Roubles – Nicholas II, Russia
    .900 fine gold

    20 Kronor – Oscar II, Sweden
    .900 fine gold

    20 Francs, Switzerland
    .900 fine gold


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