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Sell Gold Jewellery Scrap in New Zealand to Gold Smart.

People often wonder what to do with handed down jewellery. In some situations, the recipient is ecstatic to receive the jewellery and more than happy to wear it. However, in the majority of cases, those who receive handed down jewellery favour one or two pieces and do not know what to do with the rest. There are even some situations in which the recipient has no interest at all in the jewellery. After all, most handed down jewellery is outdated and lacking in lustre.

Keep What You Want

The best approach to handed down jewellery is to sort through all of it and perform a realistic and honest assessment of which pieces you will actually wear at a reasonable frequency. However, most handed down jewellery is either out of style or flawed in some manner. If you are completely honest with yourself, you will likely reach the conclusion that you will enjoy wearing few, if any, of the pieces of handed down jewellery. You might find one or two pieces that appeal to you or are worth saving for future generations yet there is a good chance the vast majority of these handed down pieces will provide more utility if sold. If you are insistent on keeping a couple pieces, take some time to ponder how frequently you or your family member will wear them. Try on the pieces you are interested in and take a look in the mirror to gauge if they are really worth keeping. You might find a ring does not fit or a necklace or bracelet does not look as flattering as you first thought.

Sell Your Handed Down Jewellery

Most people decide to sell handed down jewellery for good reason: the bulk of such items tend to look old-fashioned or outright ugly. Time takes a toll on jewellery. Aside from stylistic concerns, outdated handed down jewellery usually has physical flaws that detract from its beauty. Even a minor scrape, dent or discoloration can ruin an otherwise lovely piece of jewellery. Gold Smart is here to buy your handed down jewellery. As long as your jewellery has gold, we are interested. Schedule an appointment for an assessment of your handed down jewellery and you will almost certainly be pleased with our offer. Sell your handed down jewellery and you will receive a bundle of cash you can use for new, in-style jewellery that makes you look chic and with the times. Alternatively, you can use the proceeds of your jewellery sale to go on holiday, buy your sweetie something nice, enjoy a fancy dinner or pay for something more practical like new cookware.

Sell Your Handed Down Jewellery at Gold Smart Today

You can turn your handed down jewellery into cash by contacting Gold Smart. Reach out to us at 0800 465 376 to schedule an appointment for an appraisal of your jewellery. We are more than willing to discuss the nuances of the precious metals industry with you and explain why your handed down jewellery is valued at the price determined by the appraisal.