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You’ve probably seen the news about the record high gold prices and wondered if you can cash-in for yourself? Perhaps a friend has mentioned about Gold Smart – buyers of scrap gold for cash in New Zealand?

This week has seen a strong move in favor of people wanting to sell gold with the price touching it’s record high and the New Zealand dollar weakening against the US dollar. When this happens we advise customers to move quickly because prices are changing all the time and no one can accurately predict what the next move will be.

The condition of worn, broken or damaged gold/silver does not matter because at Gold Smart we are basically recycling gold. The environment benefits too because when you are selling gold in New Zealand it’s far more efficient than mining new gold from the ground – which requires large amounts of energy and highly toxic chemicals (including cyanide, lead and sulfuric acid). It can take around 1 ton of grade ore to extract as little as 5 grams of fine gold!

At Gold Smart we pay high prices for the value of your unwanted gold jewelery – please check out our impressive and growing list of Testimonials from Successful Sellers to see what people say about selling to us! Don’t take our word for it because the best referrals we get are from happy customers!

So if you are wondering what that old jewellery in your draw is worth, the price of gold, gold coin values, or simply want to learn more about how simple it is to create significant amounts of cash, then call the friendly and professional Gold Buyers at Gold Smart today!