Scrap Gold
Posted on: 29th May 2012 By Anita

We’re scrap gold buyers, a family run business located in Auckland. If you have old gold and jewellery to sell do you know how much you can get? Gold prices tend to increase in times of uncertainty and during times of inflation. The prices for scrap gold are calculated by the carat of gold by the weight … Continue reading Scrap Gold

Silver Buyers NZ
Posted on: 22nd May 2012 By Anita

Selling silver is quite profitable right now with the recent gains in silver prices. There’s many types of forms that old silver can come in including silver jewellery, scrap silver, coins, bullion and sterling silver. In the past five years the price of silver is up over 106% (in New Zealand dollars), however prices in … Continue reading Silver Buyers NZ

Golden Colour – Winter Fashion Trends in 2012
Posted on: 21st May 2012 By Anita

Winter is coming and the new trends are surprising everyone. This is undoubtedly the most elegant season there is. It’s now possible to create an incredible variety of looks, invest in style with colours, innovative pieces, footwear and accessories. A key trend for 2012 are metallic colours, especially gold in a variety of luxurious hues. … Continue reading Golden Colour – Winter Fashion Trends in 2012

Gold Smart – The Smart Choice
Posted on: 15th May 2012 By Anita

Gold Smart was established according to the philosophy to provide the best service and rates to their clients. With the goal that this high-level of service and confidence will continue to establish them as the market leaders. Gold Smart is not a franchise (nor a pawn shop), and thus do not have to bear additional … Continue reading Gold Smart – The Smart Choice

Gold Traders Courier Pack
Posted on: 10th May 2012 By Anita

One of the most convenient ways to sell gold and silver on the Internet in New Zealand is to use the Gold Smart Courier Pack Service. We buy any kind of gold and silver jewellery, coins and even gold bullion. It’s fast, reliable and we provide the best prices for your items. Easiest Way to … Continue reading Gold Traders Courier Pack