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Gold Smart Customer

Thank You, Dear Customers!

This post is dedicated to all our fantastic customers and friends who have sold their gold and/or silver items to us. We greatly appreciate your business as well as the many testimonials we have received. This truly means a lot to us.

Years ago, we recognised a need for people to be able to swap their unworn jewellery for money that they could put to good use elsewhere.  The options were limited, selling online and having strange people turn up at your door, or dealing with pawn shops and loan sharks…

We thought: why not create a professional, safe, and friendly alternative with low overheads that enables us to pay top rates for gold and silver…a business where the customer wins, and they are pleased to tell their friends?

Sell Gold To Gold Smart

The Birth of Gold Smart

Gold Smart was born.

Today, years later we are constantly looking for ways to provide an even better service, and improving our customer’s experience when selling gold.

Call us today and join the thousands of people who have sold their gold and/or silver (and palladium or platinum) to Gold Smart, and were happy that they did.