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Did you know that your gold watch can be sold to precious metals dealers like Gold Smart? Your gold watch has considerable value beyond its ability to tell time in an artful manner. Its gold content is worth real money. If you own a Rolex or other watch with gold, you will likely give consideration to selling it at some point in the future. Here is exactly how you should go about selling such an item.

Gold Rolex

Why Rolex Watches are in Such High Demand

Rolex watches are the cream of the crop. These timepieces are built with incredible precision and materials of the highest grade. As a result, there is a robust market for Rolex watches. Your Rolex watch will prove especially valuable if it still contains its original parts. If your Rolex needs servicing, make sure that legitimate Rolex replacement components are used. If unauthentic Rolex parts are put in a Rolex watch, they will decrease the watch’s value. However, you still might be able to procure good money for your repaired Rolex watch. In the end, the types of parts replaced with inauthentic components will determine its value.

Selling a Rolex Watch That Does Not Work

If you own a Rolex watch that does not function, you can still sell it. In many instances, a broken Rolex watch can be sold for a price similar to a Rolex that functions without flaw. Such a value is present because buyers typically have access to an affordable watch repair service. Also, do not lose sight of the fact that the gold in your watch is worth good money.

How to Tell if a Used Rolex Watch is Legitimate

There are plenty of fake Rolex watches out there. If you buy a Rolex or are gifted a Rolex that contains a translucent glass case back, it is phony. If your Rolex has print that states it was made in China, it is illegitimate. An alleged Rolex watch with any type of rubber on the band or case is fake. If you have a Rolex Oyster Perpetual that lacks a screwed-back style case, the watch is phony. Real Rolex watches do not contain a skeleton style dial that displays the watch’s moving parts. Though it is tempting to try to sell a Rolex watch that appears to be fake, doing so can create all sorts of additional problems that you do not want any part of.

The Band Matters

Rolex watch bands affect the sales price. If you try to sell a used Rolex with a new (meaning tight) band, you will likely receive a better offer than you would for a Rolex with a loose or aged band.

The Role of Supporting Sales Material

A used Rolex watch accompanied by its original paperwork and box will fetch a better price than a Rolex watch without such supporting materials. Do not lose sight of the fact that upwards of half a million fake Rolex watches exist. If you do not have supporting sales material, it does no mean you should give up on selling your watch. A professional Rolex merchant will know how to authenticate your Rolex watch. However, the price will likely be lower than provided to a seller who has documentation as it will prove challenging to sell the watch to someone else.

The Prospect of Refurbishment

Though it is tempting to refurbish your watch dial, doing so is a mistake. Rolex watches are worth more money if they have an untouched finish, even if the rest of the watch is in a poor state of condition. So, don’t fret if your Rolex watch dial does not look brand new. It is not necessary to shell out money for a refurbishment.

The Price

Rolex watches are known for maintaining their value quite well across posterity. However, you should not anticipate an offer anywhere near your Rolex watch’s original retail price. Consider the profit margin obtained by the original merchant. This profit margin means the value of your Rolex watch decreased the moment you bought it. After all, jewellers need a profit to keep the lights on and pay their staff. Also, consider the fact that the buyer of your Rolex watch must make a profit as well. In the end, you should expect a nice sum of cash for your used Rolex watch. However, this figure will not be anywhere near the price you originally paid. The only exceptions are certain Rolex watches that are in heavy demand like limited-edition, vintage and antique models.

Gold Smart is Interested in Your Gold Rolex as Well as Your Other Precious Metals

If you own a Rolex watch, gold jewellery, gold coins, gold bullion, platinum or silver, contact Gold Smart today. We pay a fair price for watches with gold as well as other precious metals. Even if your item is in poor condition, we are still interested. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you would like more information about selling gold Rolex in New Zealand. You can reach us at 0800 465 376.