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With Christmas fast approaching, many of us have already started making plans for the holidays – where to go, what to do, how to organise gifts for everyone, and so on…

It can be an exciting time; a time of sharing, gatherings with family and friends, but at the same time it can be quite costly if not planned well in advance. Check out an article we wrote about how to create a Christmas spending plan to save money – a helpful article for those looking to make the most out of their budget this festive season.

With the highs in silver prices, one way to earn extra money for Xmas is by selling your silver pieces; whether you have jewellery, cutlery, bullion, or coins, Gold Smart will buy any solid silver from you.

Many of our customers are surprised with the amount they make – especially from their silver cutlery. If you are not using it anymore, and tired of keeping it polished, you can profit well by selling it to Gold Smart. We buy silver based on its content, therefore the heavier the item the more you will make.

Make an appointment with us today and you might be surprised with how much you can earn from your silver items. For your convenience, we are available anytime by appointment, perfect for those with busy schedules.