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Selling your old gold jewellery may be easier than you think. Most pawn dealers make people feel uncomfortable and jewellery shops refuse to buy such items because they are difficult to sell to their customers. So what is the process if you want to sell gold in New Zealand? What are your options?

The first option would be to use a site like TradeMe – however do you want a stranger coming to your home to collect your valuable jewellery? Also you are competing against a large volume of gold and silver jewellery items, some with very low reserve prices.

The second option would be to give your jewellery away to your daughter, niece, etc – however customers often say to us that their kids/family don’t want their old jewellery so there can be a surprising lack of sentimentality. As a suggestion, if you sell to Gold Smart you could use the money as the gift to family or a worthy cause – I’m sure they will take cash!

Another option would be to offer your gold jewellery to your friends – however it may be difficult for you to ascertain the correct value and sometimes people don’t feel comfortable wearing second-hand jewellery.

An undesirable option would be to take your items to a “pawn shop” or similar store that will undoubtedly try a “low-ball” offer as they like to take advantage of “uneducated sellers”.

The last and best option is to call 0800-GOLD Smart and talk with one of our friendly Gold Buyers. We weight your gold using precise scales, test the items and calculate a gold value for you. It’s as simple as that!

Gold Smart is changing the way KIWIS sell gold – customers call us their favorite Gold Buyers!