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If you are looking to sell gold, finding the best gold buyer might seem like a chore. After all, plenty of gold buyers are on the prowl for this coveted precious metal. Yet all gold buyers are not equal. It is a mistake to sell gold jewellery to the first gold buyer you find. Take your time, do some research and obtain at least a few quotes before parting ways with your gold. Here is exactly what you should look for in a gold buyer.

Reputation Matters

One of the best ways to find the perfect gold buyer is to consider the prospect’s reputation. Get a gauge of the gold buyer’s standing in the community. Ask around for advice about gold buyers. There is a good chance someone in your family, group of friends, colleagues or other social circles has sold gold to a New Zealand gold buyer. Obtain feedback from their experience when selling gold. These insights just might tip the scales in favour of one gold buyer. Perhaps they will shed light on a particular gold buyer’s weakness that you would not have known about had you not consulted with your friends, family, colleagues or others.

Once you get an idea as to which gold buyers are the best, keep digging for more information. Whittle down the field to a couple top candidates by checking out online reviews. Though some online reviews are planted by unscrupulous gold buyers, the majority provide legitimate feedback. Take note of the positives and negatives of the candidates at the top of your list. If anything particular emerges as a common thread across the reviews, it is likely true and worth extensive consideration.

Experience is Critically Important

Selling gold to a buyer who has recently opened up shop might prove to be a mistake. You should consult with an experienced gold buyer who has a firm grasp of the market. However, you should not fall prey to a “closer” who is intent on making a quick profit off you by providing a watered-down version of the truth. Look for a forthright and knowledgeable gold buyer who can shed some light on the nuances of your gold and provide an accurate quote.

When in Doubt, Ask for References

If you aren’t sure which gold buyer to do business with, do not hesitate to ask for references from prior customers. Though many customer choose to remain anonymous, it should not be a problem to secure a reference from a few former clients. Speak at length with those who are willing to serve as references. Uncover as much information as you can to learn about the gold buyer’s merit (or lack thereof). Find out how the buying or selling process went, get a gauge of the gold buyer’s trustworthiness as well as the customer service.

Gold Smart is the Precious Metals Buyer You are Looking For

We are proud to state that we meet the standards outlined above. In fact, we aim to exceed them. Gold Smart customers are almost always more than willing to offer an honest assessment of our gold buying business. Take a look at our online reviews and you will find we are considered the best in the business for good reason. We are the experienced and reputable gold buyer you are looking for. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get the most for your gold by selling to Gold Smart.