Is it time to sell Gold?
Posted on: 2nd September 2009 By Anita

At Gold Smart we’re often asked is now a good time to sell gold, gold coins, gold bullion, broken gold, and old gold jewellery. Our answer is yes! With gold prices at record levels it’s a great time to turn your out-dated items into cash.

When items come in such as small diamond engagement rings or gold jewellery that is brand-new, we often recommended that people try putting these online to see what price they can get. The best strategy is to have a very low reserve price and accept that there is a lot of people wanting to sell gold jewellery, gold coins, gold bullion and diamonds right now. We tell customers that they are competing with many others so high quality photos and accurate descriptions are important.

Of course, not everyone has the time or wants to sell gold jewellery online to see what price they get. The quality of gold does not matter to Gold Smart as we are paying for the actual gold content only – not how new or pretty an item maybe. Some gold pieces have collectors value however collectors generally base their prices on actual gold content anyway.

If you’re looking for the best prices for your old gold jewellery, gold coins, gold bullion – talk with New Zealand’s leading gold buyers Gold Smart today.