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Methods of Selling Personal Gold

Asking where to sell my jewellery? There are lots of ways to sell gold, but that doesn’t mean they are the best methods available for everybody as a default. Depending on a person’s situation and what they are selling, some channels work better than others.

For example, a number of online auction platforms exist where people can literally sell personal items like a digital garage sale. These are essential private agreements between parties, and how the money is exchanged and gold delivered depends on what folks agree to. For smaller value items, people are willing to manage these deals by mail but for larger values people want in-person meetings. Unfortunately, that’s where occasionally problems have occurred with shady types trying to steal or pull a scam.Alternatively, personal gold sellers can easily handle their gold for sale with Gold Smart. Both securely online, or in person Gold Smart teams provide secure transactions regularly, large sizes or small. It’s a great peace of mind to have, and Gold Smart is easy to find, just 200 meters from the Auckland Sky Tower and Sky Casino in the heart of the financial district.

What Gold Should I Sell?

Deciding what personal or second hand gold you have should sell is very much a personal decision. For each seller it can be a different reason. Some might decide it is time to let go of marriage-related jewellery or estate jewellery as the emotional connections to the items do not exist anymore. Some might have odds and ends that are missing a pair piece or are broken and no longer usable, so they gold just sits in a drawer. A variety of reasons produce extra inventory in personal lives, and selling second hand gold or scrap gold is a good way to make its value useful again for new purposes and needs.

When you sell gold, it is a good idea to consider how much is involved. If you just have a singular piece of low value, then you might be fine with an online sale. On the other hand, a large amount or high value piece is not something that would be advisable to trust in the general mail. In-person transactions with a bona fide gold buyer may be the smarter and safer approach.

Gold Smart has provided New Zealand sellers a safe channel for selling their gold for years. Both online and in-person, Gold Smart teams handle small and large lots from individual sellers, regularly providing fair pricing in a safe environment. If you want to visit in person, Gold Smart is located in the centre of Auckland’s financial district, just 200 meters from the Sky Casino or the Auckland Sky Tower. Swing by and let’s take a look at what you have.

Why Online Auctions are Harder Than They Look For Selling Gold

Asking where to sell my jewellery or need to unload something? Sell it online everyone says. Someone will buy what you have, and it’s easy a pie once they commit. Well, that’s a bit of a big promise. The fact is, when you sell an item online there’s a lot of steps that have to occur to actually put money in your hand and your soon-to-let-go property in someone else’s. First, they do have to commit, and by all means make sure the other party actually pays first. Too many individuals just trust unknown folks they never would in person and ship items off in the mail, and then wonder why they were never paid.

Second, if your buyer party doesn’t want to pay first, you may have to set up an escrow process with a third party, and that will cost a fee. It works like a middle player that assures both parties do what they are supposed to in a deal.

Third, when you are paid or sure and you have to ship, you then need to package your gold carefully, securely and insure it in case the package gets lots. The buyer is expecting delivery so it is on you to insure that happens once paid.

However, instead of all the above, you could sell your gold safely and easily to Gold Smart, your sell gold Auckland resource. We skip all the hassle with auctions and online private sales. Instead, you deal with a professional business and your transaction is safe every time. Visit us online or in the heart of Auckland’s financial district. We’re just 200 meters from the Sky Casino and you can see the Auckland Sky Tower right in our backyard!