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There are many predictions that gold prices will remain fairly steady in the immediate future. This means that when you sell your unwanted gold, the amount of money you receive should not vary much between consecutive weeks.

The best time to sell gold is when you need funds. Whether it is now or next week, a difference of $10 in the gold prices will not affect your cash for gold significantly, so you should sell whenever it suits you best!

If you are thinking of selling jewellery then now is the right time to change your old outdated gold jewellery for modern pieces. The price of gold at the moment is one of the highest within the past 30 years.

Damaged or broken gold jewellery

If you have odd earrings, a bracelet with a broken clasp, or a necklace that is tangled and beaten, you can tell yourself “someday I’ll fix this“, but if you haven’t, repaired it so far, will you do it?  The high skill required combined with the relative softness of gold means it can be expensive to repair jewellery. When you sell gold that is damaged or broken, you can receive extra money to go and buy new items instead of fixing old ones.

The jewellery you have is outdated.

Most people have very selective tastes, so finding a buyer that likes a particular style of jewellery can be difficult.

We at Gold Smart are always ready to buy your jewellery, regardless of its status or style. We look accurately at the metal content of your pieces and you can rest assured you are getting the most for your unwanted items (whether it’s gold, silver, platinum or palladium).

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