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The end of the financial year is quickly approaching. If you are searching for a way to pay your bills, consider selling your unwanted jewellery. Whether you have old jewellery, jewellery you rarely wear, or pieces that have lost their luster, selling them just might provide enough cash to pay your bills. This is especially true if you want to sell gold in New Zealand. You can use the proceeds to pay your personal or company taxes. It is the perfect way to get some extra money that fulfills your obligations ahead of the upcoming deadline. However, selling to any old party presents a bit of a risk. There are all sorts of fraudsters and shady characters out there who will hand over counterfeit bills for your jewellery and try all sorts of other unsavory tactics to take advantage of you. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you navigate the selling process.

Perform Your Due Diligence Before Selling: Study up on Potential Buyers

Do not sell your jewellery until you have researched the buyer. Check out the company’s Better Business Bureau report. Take a close look at the buyer’s online reviews. If you find numerous major complaints, it is a red flag that should send you in the direction of another prospective buyer.

Obtain a Gauge of Your Piece’s Value

Do not assume your jewellery is worth a certain amount of money. Consult with multiple resources to get a true gauge of your jewellery’s value. Look at the amount of money similar pieces sold for on Internet auctions. Get the piece appraised by several dealers. Even consulting with a pawnshop for a quote will help paint the picture of your piece’s true value.

Beware of Buyer Road Shows

Traveling buyer roadshows have become quite popular. They advertise seemingly everywhere to bring in thousands of customers across the country. These shows feature merchants who will buy jewellery of just about any type. From broken pieces to old ones, gold jewellery, and beyond, nearly every style of the piece with any sort of value can be sold at a traveling buyer roadshow. Though there are some credible buyers at these shows, they don’t always offer a suitable amount of money. Do not let your jewellery or other collectible go for the first offer floated out at a roadshow. Obtain several different quotes, consider the merits of prospective buyers and proceed accordingly.

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To Mail or not to Mail? That is the Question

Some argue that it is prudent to work with trusted local appraisers rather than mailing your jewellery off to a business. Though there are some scam artists on the web, certain mail programs have their merit. As an example, Gold Smart utilizes a popular freeĀ Courier Pack System to purchase gold from customers. This no-risk program provides gold sellers with a free proprietary mailer that makes it easy to prepare and send gold items for appraisal. Gold Smart appraises the items on the day of receipt through immediate weighing and in-depth analysis. A licensed gold buyer then contacts the prospective seller to discuss the quote and ask if it is acceptable. If the prospective seller agrees to the price, payment is transferred to his account by the next business day. If the price is unacceptable, the item is sent back at no charge. Here is the bottom line when it comes to mailing in gold, jewellery, and other items: As long as the company is reputable, you should not hesitate to take advantage of their mail service.

A Word About Gold Value

If you are considering selling your jewellery because it contains gold, keep in mind that few pieces are actually pure 24-carat gold. Values differ quite widely based on how much gold is in the metal. Develop a firm understanding of the relative values before attempting to sell gold jewellery. Once you do some homework on the subject, you will find it is much easier to sell gold in Auckland.