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New Zealand Dollar drop, gold and silver up

New Zealand’s dollar suffered quite the fall last week. In fact, the currency dropped to its lowest point in two years against the greenback. Though this is certainly bad news for New Zealand’s economy, there is a silver lining of particular importance: the price of gold has gone up in correspondence with the drop in the New Zealand dollar’s value.

This is the Perfect Time to Sell Gold

The rise in the price of gold has created a spectacular selling opportunity for precious metals holders. Whether you have been holding your gold for years or recently acquired gold, the time to sell is now. Bring your gold to Gold Smart and you just might be shocked as to how much it is worth. Our offers for gold are more than competitive; we take great pride in providing gold sellers with top dollar for their pieces. If you need money on the double, have been thinking about offloading your gold or simply want to sell high after buying low, contact Gold Smart to schedule an appraisal of your piece(s). You can walk out of our facility with a wallet full of cash and you will enjoy an invaluable financial freedom. Head on out to that swanky restaurant you’ve been eyeing, take a holiday, buy your sweetie something lovely or simply put your money in the bank for a rainy day.

This is Your Opportunity to Capitalize on the Volatility of the New Zealand Dollar

Investors far and wide are flocking to gold, silver and other precious metals. In particular, New Zealand residents are pumping money into gold following the decline of the dollar. Though other currencies have also moved quite significantly in recent weeks, the New Zealand dollar has been hit the hardest. A reduced dollar value means goods sent to New Zealand are that much more costly. Furthermore, exports from the Land of the Long White Cloud will prove more competitive in regard to pricing, ultimately boosting exporters’’ demand. There is plenty of upheaval in currency markets across the globe as a trade war seems to be brewing. It is clear the winners are those holding gold and other precious metals. Sell your gold items to Gold Smart while the price of gold is high and you will have timed the market to perfection.

Selling Gold Takes as Little as a Single Phone Call

If you are even slightly interested in selling gold for cash, Gold Smart is your go-to destination. We can educate you about the nuances of the precious metals and currency markets, evaluate your gold pieces and ensure you receive fair value. Sell gold jewellery, gold bullion, gold coins and even scrap gold to line your pockets with cash and you will finally get the most out of life without feeling any sort of guilt about spending. After all, spending money feels that much better after cashing out on an investment with impeccable timing. Our gold buyers are here to ensure you are paid top dollar for your precious metals. Give us a call at 0800 465 376 to coordinate an appraisal of your gold. You can also reach us online through our convenient Contact Form. Enter your information, submit your enquiry and we will be in touch. You can even reach out to us through email by sending a message to