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Jewellery Valuations by independent jewellery valuers can be very useful when knowing how much to insure your items for and if the time comes to make a claim for stolen jewellery. Jewellery valuers will be able to give peace of mind and protection on any gold jewellery, diamonds or other precious items. The services could include professional gemological analysis on diamonds, precious stones and precious metals.

Ideally the jewellery valuer will be a trained as a gemologist and diamond grader and an understanding of the key valuation principles, techniques and ethics. If you have diamonds or gold jewellery with diamonds in it, we recommend using GemLab in Auckland – they are highly professional and particularly skilled in analyzing diamonds.

So on that basis valuations are important as they can provide peace of mind and security – especially if you don’t use a security deposit box or safe. However, gold jewellery valuations are useful up until a point – they will tell you with some degree of accuracy, how much your item, if stolen or lost, will cost to replace RETAIL. The retail value of jewellery is different from the value of the precious metal content.

This is because when you pay retail for gold jewellery you are paying for overheads such as design, manufacturing, transport, storage, the shop itself, the assistant that sold you the item and any commissions that they receive for making a sale all come into play.

The Simple Test to prove what something is worth, is to take it back to the shop the next day and see what they will pay you for it. Often they won’t even take the gold jewellery back from you. An example would be when purchasing a new car – we all know that as soon as you “drive it off the lot” the value goes down substantially. How come do we think it’s any different with jewellery? Are we seduced by the slick sales pitch, the nice shiny presentation, the idea or romance of gold jewellery or something else?

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