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Gold prices are up overnight by around US$20 per troy ounce, which has been seen as a positive move for gold. This was due to Bernanke’s cautious comments, some short-covering, safe-haven buying and perhaps sentiment over Egypt.

Gold prices have been showing strong signs of downward pressure the last few weeks so it’s great to have the trend take pause allowing customers to cash-in when the price rises. Gold prices are still at historic levels which means gold buyers like Gold Smart can help you exchange unwanted gold for something you can use – CASH.

The Gold buying team at Gold Smart have an excellent track record of providing excellent customer service, as well as a safe, comfortable, and easy to get to location. And the number one thing our customers say is that we pay the most. People consistently commented that they compared many ‘cash for gold’ outfits and the highest offers were made by Gold Smart of Auckland.

When selling gold in New Zealand be sure you talk with the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at Gold Smart!