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What is the Real Value of Gold Jewellery?

For regular consumers the difference between the actual spot value of gold and silver jewellery they own versus what was paid for it originally can be tremendous. Folks have to remember, there are a lot of layers of cost mark-up that occur from the raw gold used to the final retail store shelf price tag that the consumer sees when buying the piece. Unfortunately, this difference remains hidden, and many consumers regularly assume the endpoint price represent the final true value a piece is worth. And then there is the secondary assumption that time, like real estate, magically adds more value. These perspectives are both myths and they are regularly dashed when people come in hoping to recycle their used gold jewellery for high prices expected.

Unfortunately, retail jewellery providers can mark up the cost of an item by as much as 500 percent to generate profit. Buyer beware and personal shopping comparisons are absolutely critical for consumers, or they can easily spend far more than gold and silver jewellery is really worth, but some profit margin will always occur even with the best research.

At Gold Smart we know the above can be a big issue and shock for folks the first time they sell gold. This is why we spend a lot of time educating folks online and in person what the true value of recycled gold will be, starting from the market spot price for the metal itself to end resale value of a gold item. We are also clearly transparent about our entire gold buyers process so folks aren’t surprised by any hidden fees or omissions. After all, people want to know where I can sell my jewellery comfortably We help folks sell their gold safely and securely, avoiding scrutiny or interest by parties who have no business being involved in one’s personal affairs.

Find out more online, educate yourself, and when social distancing dies down visit us in person. We’re just 200 meters from the Auckland Sky Tower and Sky Casino, right in the heart of Auckland’s financial district.

The Selling Gold Process

There are lots of options available for a private person to sell his or her second hand gold. However, many of them have high risks, can put a person in an unsafe situation, and don’t follow professional standards. With Gold Smart we aim to solve all three of these problems right up front as well as provide customers a transparent, reliable gold-selling process they can depend on for best pricing.

Gold Smart focuses on customer satisfaction in a fair process. Our gold buyers go through extensive training to serve the customer well, particularly with education about how the process works and affects them directly. We avoid add-on fees or hidden commissions; customers know right from the start how second hand gold pricing was put together, how they are affected, and the customer makes the final decision always without pressure to sell. No surprise, our past customers speak directly on how they have been served and why they keep coming back to Gold Smart:

“It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Gold Smart. They are highly professional and the nicest people too. Felt extremely comfortable dealing with them and the way they communicated with me. I went to a well known jeweller on Broadway before I went to Gold Smart and was most disappointed with their attitude, service and especially the price they offered me. Don’t go anywhere else if you are thinking of selling your gold. They will give you the best price and you will be amazed at what your old gold is worth.”

– Debby, Auckland.

You can meet us online 24/7 for sell gold Auckland options, or directly when our national social distancing needs adjust. We’re right in the middle of the Auckland financial district. Find the Auckland Sky Tower and Sky Casino, and we’re just 200 meters from there.

Projecting Gold Future Values

Imagine for a moment that every currency in the world disappeared or became worthless like it did in the early 1930s. What would replace money? At first most folks would think of barter, can I trade anything I have or can do for what I need? Unfortunately, barter is very localized. Your barter value is only what the immediate local community will exchange for it. Something else is needed for trade and exchange beyond an immediate town. And for centuries that standard, universal commodity would be gold. Everyone knows what it is, what it is worth, and how to use it in exchange. No surprise then, gold would likely be the fall-back if government currencies collapsed tomorrow.

However, why does currency risk matter today in modern times? We don’t have the global instability of earlier centuries, and we’ve enjoyed strong government economics for almost 100 years now. In reality, though, our economies are extremely fragile as recently made evident with broken supply chains for needed goods during COVID-19. As a result, gold has had increasing pressure to rise in value and there’s no end in sight right now.

We know there is going to be a continued demand for gold, as well as gold and silver jewellery, and all will rise and ebb accordingly with forward movement in economies both locally and globally. If you feel gold should be a part of your portfolio or increased, MyGold and Gold Smart can help. We provide both online and in-person channels for acquisition as well as extremely useful MyGold tools for storage and protection as well. We can discuss by phone, Internet, or in person what your needs are with our team located just 200 meters from the Sky Casino and Auckland Sky Tower and centralized in the Auckland financial district.