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Well it seems like Winter has arrived with a decidedly chilly wind blowing, yet the sun still seems to be shining! There’s very little snow on the mountains so skiing and snowboarding may have to wait a little longer…

If you’re thinking about what makes good gold buyers, and you’ve heard the news about high gold prices and that selling your old jewellery may be a good idea. In New Zealand we buy and sell based on what the current international rates are doing – this means prices are adjusted regularly to offer the best prices.

The condition of your items (silver, bullion, jewellery, etc) doesn’t matter because most of our consideration is related to the actual precious metal value. As gold buyers we appreciate you may have concerns around the process which could be a new experience that may have significant financial implications. Rates are important, however what comes from Gold Smart is also fantastic service.

How often have you visited a shop to purchase something and been put-off by the retail staff – perhaps because they have been rude or don’t actually seem to know their products very well? Being knowledgeable and experienced is normally fairly evident when talking with someone – do they make you feel comfortable or uneasy? Customers tell us of their experiences with other gold buying companies and how, in some occasions, they were simply told lies and given false information. Kiwis are smart enough to know what carat of gold they have and don’t take well to being told that something is 9ct when in fact it’s 18ct.

Important tips for selling gold to gold buyers is look through their website – do they seem knowledgeable, do they provide legitimate testimonials, do they describe the process in detail, do they offer high interest loans (avoid), do they look professional and well organised and are they specialists in their field (a company that does many things is a warning sign).

Enjoy the beautiful weather!