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Selling gold in New Zealand is easy with Gold Smart.

Are you looking to sell gold jewellery? You could have inherited a collection of gold coins or have found a pile of unused gold jewellery pieces in your armoire. No matter the circumstances, selling gold is an easy way to get quick access to funds.

What to Sell

Any type of gold can be sold for cash. The key is not to act on impulse when deciding what pieces to sell. You don’t want to sell a precious family heirloom that other relatives may want to hold onto. However, you may have a number of gold pieces that are not in use. Examples of gold to sell include:

• Gold wedding rings

• Class rings

• Gold earrings and necklaces

• Bullion bars

• Gold rounds

• Gold commemorative coins

Gold doesn’t have to be in superior condition to sell. Gold jewellery that has been broken, dented, or scratched can also be sold for scrap. Even gold tooth fillings can be melted down.

To decide what to sell, evaluate each piece individually. Broken items or gold with no emotional connection can be added to your sale pile. If you are unsure of the value, take the gold to an appraiser. Gold jewellery with diamonds and gemstones or intricate detailing could sell for a higher price than gold sold by weight. Appraisals will also help you distinguish the gold pieces that are authentic.

How to Sell Gold

A big mistake made by first-time gold sellers is to drop their collections off at a local pawnshop. Despite signs advertising the “best gold prices,” the claim is usually inaccurate. Pawnshop employees are usually not well versed in the value of gold items and will offer the lowest price around. Selling to reputable precious metals buyers is usually the best route to go when selling gold. Online gold buyers offer competitive prices for gold and silver pieces. The way that most online gold buyers work is they send you a mailer for your pieces. Once the buyer receives the gold items, you are sent an offer price. You can then choose to accept or decline the offer. If declined, your items will be sent back. If you decide to go ahead with the sale, the buyer will send you payment. The process is safe and your gold items are tracked securely through the postal service. Local coin shops and gold storefronts may also buy gold, but always compare their prices with a reputable online vendor.

Benefits of Selling Gold

Getting cash quickly is one of the main reasons people decide to sell gold. Unlike other items you may want to sell, there are always gold buyers willing to pay a fair price for your gold pieces. The money you make can either go towards a large purchase such as a house or a car down payment or used to travel. Gold bullion and rounds are often given as gifts, so they are perfect to sell for a major expense like college tuition. Check gold prices online before you complete the sale to determine if you are receiving a fair offer.

If you decide to sell your gold, be sure to contact the friendly team at Gold Smart for the best prices in New Zealand.