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Gold Smart buy jewellery based on gold and silver content.

When it comes to brand name jewellery and any type of piece containing gold or silver, Gold Smart is not picky. To be blunt, we do not give one iota if your jewellery is made by a popular or coveted brand. We are primarily looking for pieces with significant metal content. Gold Smart is on the prowl for jewellery that contains meaningful metal weight in grams and pieces of high purity as measured by carats. We are interested in all of your metal pieces but for gemstones (diamonds).

Background on the Jewellery Appraisal Process

If you are looking to get some quick cash for your jewellery, you might feel a little bit intimidated by the jewellery appraisal process. Don’t feel uneasy as there is absolutely nothing to fear. It is perfectly acceptable to be unsure about the value of your jewellery collection. Be aware of the fact that brand names do not always carry their own weight during the appraisal process and you likely won’t be disappointed by the outcome of the appraisal. Let’s take a look at the many different factors that affect jewellery value.

Piece Quality

The main distinction between jewellery makers of yesteryear and those in business today is the fact that modern jewellery tends to have much more diversity in terms of manufactured stones. The biggest names in today’s jewellery business produce a low-cost line of pieces that the typical consumer can afford. As long as the piece is a part of a low-cost budget line, the odds of a brand name playing a meaningful part in determining its value are quite low.


Plenty of jewellers provide certificates of authenticity for pieces purchased within their stores. Unfortunately, a growing number of online merchants are making a quick buck by replicating these certificates and selling them on the web. Some are even going as far as forging jewellery and selling them as if they are legitimate pieces. This is why customers should hesitate to put their faith in the authenticity of second-hand pieces and second-hand certificates. In general, those who buy and sell jewellery do not put much stock in these certificates. Even if the certificate is real, it simply serves to verify that the piece was purchased at a particular store. The certificate does not actually add value to jewellery that is not in demand.


Certain brand names will have a measurable impact on a piece’s value but only if it is an antique. Select brand names have a historical value in accordance with the time period that they were in demand. Yet the majority of jewellery owners do not own these types of pieces. As a result, the presence of a brand name is rarely a contributing factor to the piece’s true value. The truth is that a large portion of the most popular brand names are still in business today and generating new pieces as time progresses. The bottom line is that few people own jewellery that is of true historical significance. This statement applies to the vast majority of pieces that have been passed down from great grandparents and beyond.

Cut, Clarity and Size

A piece’s value is primarily determined by the weight and size of the materials relied upon for its creation. Even if a highly-coveted brand name has been engraved on a piece, the producer’s namesake won’t play a major role in determining its value. The jewellery appraisal process keys in on the piece’s diamond cut, clarity and size as well as the legitimacy of their source. Gold Smart does not purchase gemstones yet we are interested in pieces that contain precious metals. If your piece has the precious metal we are looking for and their true physical weight is significant, it will spike the appraisal value.


It is best to think of jewellery brand names as a status symbol that people gravitate toward in order to impress their social circle or feel better about their purchase. The bottom line is that it is quite rare for a brand name to add significant value to a piece of jewellery. This is primarily due to the fact that the vast majority of contemporary jewellery makers sell pieces in a wide range of prices so that the average consumer can afford a low-level piece. What matters most to gold buyers like Gold Smart in the context of jewellery value is a piece’s metal. Contact us today if you are interested in selling your jewellery or selling gold for cash.