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Mmm, gold… gold has been held up for a long time as something precious, a rare commodity and something that Pirates love to seek – Gold Treasure!

Gold Jewellery because of it’s precious metal content has value beyond how nice and pretty the manufacturing may be. And often that can mean even more cash for your old, damaged and out-of-style gold jewellery. When you are considering to sell gold jewellery the most important thing to consider is – where to sell gold jewellery?

In New Zealand there are a few options when selling gold that customers should be aware of because most people don’t want to be ripped off and treated badly. At Gold Smart we’ve heard so many unfortunate stories from customers about selling gold jewellery to other companies that nothing much surprises us!

Just because a company is advertising that they pay the best rates, does not actually mean they pay the best rates!

Customers say the last place they wanted to sell gold was a Pawn Shop because they are used to dealing with people that are desperate for cash and offer the equivalent service. These types of situations are unfortunate because these people will often take whatever they are offered because they need the money urgently. This is very similar to the companies that offer loans, pawnbroking, advances on salaries, finance and so on – all designed to take advantage of the desperate and vulnerable.

Who you sell to is also a very important choice because you want to know you are selling gold to a 100% New Zealand Owned Company and that the income generated stays in New Zealand to benefit the local economy. Any company that’s not 100% NZ owned will have overseas interests and will likely be sending profits out of this country to benefit wealthy people that don’t care about the people of Aotearoa.

When you Sell gold to Kiwi companies that employ Kiwis and retain all profits in New Zealand the whole country benefits.

The next point to consider when you want to sell gold jewellery is how private and confidential is the service. Do you want other people looking over your shoulder and seeing you sell the family gold? Will you feel comfortable selling your gold to a teenager that clearly is not an expert in precious metals? Do you trust someone that offers loans to vulnerable people? Do you feel safe taking your gold jewellery to a public place?

At Gold Smart we offer complete and total security, privacy and comfort!

Cash! Who doesn’t like cash for gold? At Gold Smart we don’t have the large overheads of shops or kiosks in shopping malls so we can pay more for your gold jewellery! Enjoy the benefits of high rates for your gold today.

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