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The amount paid by Gold Smart for your jewellery depends on the gold quality and weight of your items.

Most countries require jewelers by law to hallmark or seal gold jewellery. This means that an analysis laboratory determines the quality of the piece and stamps it with an official seal to indicate purity. On the other hand, today many jewellery items come from countries that require no seal or have less than perfect standards. The quality of these parts can only be determined through scientific testing, which can be done with acid or by X-ray fluorescence.

There are two classification systems that reveal the quality of gold, the karat and purity. Below is an example of how to compare the two measures:


9k : 375 / 37.50%
14k: 583 / 58.33%
18k: 750 / 75.00%
22k: 917 / 91.66%
24k: 999 / 99.90%

Note that there is no “100% pure gold”. Normally the highest possible degree would be 99.99%, found only in very special items. For common jewelery, the highest grade is 24 carats, equivalent to a purity of 999 or 99.90% pure gold.

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