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Gold jewellery and diamonds for many years have been sold and promoted as great “investments”. You can see this any time you go into a jewellery store or see advertising selling gold jewellery.

At Gold Smart we think gold jewellery is as much of an investment as a new car – it loses at least half of its value as soon as you “drive it off the yard”! Have you ever taken something you bought at a Jeweller back the next day to see what they will pay you for it – this is much closer to its true value.

Don’t believe the slick marketing and hype – gold jewellery is sold with a significant retail premium well over and above what the true value of the gold items really are.

Gold jewellery is not an investment because it doesn’t pay you a return (yield) and you pay such a large margin over the real value.

If you are thinking of investment, don’t think gold jewellery! All markets move in cycles and the most successful investors will tell you to be counter the market and be different.

If you are looking to sell that old gold or broken gold jewellery that you have, Gold Smart will help create instant cash that you can use today!