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During times of financial troubles and hardship, one has to swallow his pride in order to take action against a rising tide of debt. Critical cases need urgent action. Most people in this category will be prepared to take action because there’s always a way to improve your situation.

The first place to start is by looking at how to reduce expenses and overheads. These could be simple luxuries that eat away at cash you could be using to reduce debt and pay bills. The next area to consider is how to bring in more income to ease any burden – if you have gold jewellery, then you are fortunate to have a way to get instant cash from gold buyers like Gold Smart.

The question can become, “I have gold jewellery, but don’t know who to sell gold to.”

If this is something you’ve considered, then feel at ease that your concerns are shared by many people who have been in the same situation feeling the same emotions. You need to feel comfortable with the people you sell gold to – most people wouldn’t feel comfortable selling to a dogdy pawn shop, selling to teenagers, in public and in-front of strangers or via a mail-in service where you can’t meet the people behind the business.

Your gold jewellery could contain hidden riches that will give you a large cash boost for paying bills, taking a holiday, going shopping or simply treating yourself. There’s a lot of hype out there and being a discerning seller doing your research will pay dividends!

“How do I know if I have chosen a reputable company?”

You can check this rather easily – firstly visit the company of gold buyers, do they seem professional and proficient, are they knowledgeable about gold and jewellery, are they focused on providing answers to your questions and excellent customer service? Do they have extensive and credible customer testimonials, are they transparent with their processes and most of all – does it feel right? Intuition is a wonderful thing that when listened to will often prove to be correct.

Don’t be pressured into selling anything, or be afraid that prices will move against you.

It’s also important to get an idea of how gold buyers are going to price your gold. Your gold jewellery valuables will be bought based on gold-content, however rates between companies can vary significantly – do they give you a PER GRAM RATE? At Gold Smart we provide rates so you can easily compare us against anyone else – you’ll be surprised what difference a few dollars in the per gram rate of gold prices will mean for your pocket!

Gold Smart is a pioneer is making gold selling a professional, friendly and pleasurable experience. We buy all kinds of gold from all ranges of customers – there’s nothing too big or too small for us to look at.


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