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Sell Gold in Christchurch to Gold Smart

If you are looking to sell gold in New Zealand, this is the time to do it. Gold is still priced fairly high. You can turn those old gold pieces into cash with hardly any effort or time. Just about anything with gold can be sold for good money. Do not assume your scrap gold, aged jewellery or other outdated gold items won’t fetch a nice price. These items are usually worth much more than owners assume. You have absolutely nothing to lose by obtaining a quote from our gold buyers in Christchurch.

Turn Your Gold into Cash

Maybe you have old gold jewellery in your closet, jewellery box or in a dresser drawer. Consider how often you wear these items. If you are like most people, you hardly ever wear gold jewellery. Maybe you don them once or twice per year. Perhaps you have scrap gold, gold coins or gold bullion that you no longer value. There is no sense keeping these items when you can get a quick infusion of cash that can be spent on something fun or an item/service with true utility. You can even use the money to buy new jewellery that is on-trend and doesn’t make you feel self-conscious.

The Competitive Prices You Have Been Looking For

Most Gold Smart customers are surprised to find out how much money they can get for their gold. You just might be shocked as to how much gold your item really contains. Most customers accept our offer and use the proceeds to inject some excitement in their life, add a new piece to their collection or enjoy an experience that provides lasting memories.

We take great pride in the accuracy of our business’s metal testing. You will be paid an amount equal to the exact gold content of your item. This way, there is no guessing or estimating involved. Everything is accurate down to the subtlest of details. Contact us to let us know you will be dropping by with your gold item and we will make sure someone is available to spend as much time with you as necessary. Your item(s) will be assessed, you will be provided with a quote and you can be paid on the spot.

A Gold Buying Business with Integrity

Our gold buyers have established a reputation throughout New Zealand as being the best in the business. We provide every customer with a comfortable experience in which there is absolutely no pressure. You will be provided with a fair market price for your gold item. Ask around and you will find our prices match or exceed those of other New Zealand gold buyers. Yet the Gold Smart experience is about more than numbers and weights. We strive to treat each customer with the utmost respect. Our aim is to surpass gold sellers’ expectations to the point they feel inspired to recommend Gold Smart to friends, colleagues, family and others.

Sell Gold in Christchurch Today

Lock in an excellent price for your gold item by selling today. We pay top dollar for just about every type of item containing gold. If you have any questions about selling gold in New Zealand, reach out to us for more information.