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Gold Buyer Pros and Gold Buyer Cons

Gold has had quite a run in 2020. This time last year nobody expected another odd flu-like illness being reported out of eastern China was going to be as ground-shaking as COVID turned out to be. Yet here we are, looking at gold in the same place again as we were December 2019 with a bit more to boot on the value. The precious yellow metal simply hasn’t run full steam yet and continues to keep rising year over year, a run that has continued since 2013. And that means for those folks in Christchurch who have spare gold jewellery or items sitting around doing nothing, it’s still a very good time to sell and liquidate for the new year and new opportunities.

A lot of folks closing the year are prognosticating that gold has had its run and things will drop by the time people get to a buyer and receive an offer to sell. That’s nonsense. The gold market is extremely strong, and the pandemic has pinched production, making the current supply not only hold up with demand but rise due to both industrial needs as well as investment and personal consumption. All three contribute to keeping gold’s price in the high range regardless of what else might be going on for the rest of the year and next.

You Will be Surprised by What You Have at Home

Gold can be liquidated from all kinds of items people have in Christchurch. The most obvious, clearly, tend to be gold jewellery. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, broaches, and similar all tend to fetch good pricing in different variations of gold content. Even 12 or 14 carat gold will receive a fair price and reasonable response from professional buyers. Additionally, other forms of consumer gold are doing quite well too. Bullion coins and bars that people might have or received as a family gift have appreciated over the years tremendously. Because these items tend to be a higher gold quality content, ranging from 22 to 24 carat gold, they will almost always receive some of the highest resale pricing offers available. And if the bullion is government-issued, i.e. from a government mint, it’s going to fetch top dollar. That said, jewellery and coins are not the only sources for gold. Many people might have an odd nugget stored somewhere made of raw gold. This too is worth quite a bit as nuggets represent high-quality raw gold that can go into circulation. And here’s the most advantageous bit to be aware; there is no cost to receiving a buyer evaluation of the gold you might want to sell except your time and maybe a bit of travel as needed.

Personal gold can be surprising in where it can be found in a household. Christchurch families for years have passed down all types of items from one generation to the next, and many of these heirlooms are made from solid gold. While they made sense at the time when bought and first obtained by a relative years before, their memories and associations tend to fade over time, and people frequently find themselves feeling obligated to hold on but not having any real practical idea why. Gold in families can take the forms of plaques, cups, commemorative jewellery like rings or medallions, and even pens or desk pieces. Broken jewellery is also very common. The pieces don’t work anymore, but people don’t want to throw them away, knowing full well there is still some kind of value in the useless item, but they have no idea how to make it useful again. With the selling of gold, one is able to regain utility again, which can be invested into a new home change, education, a new computer, maybe a downpayment on a house or car, or even a trip (and do we all need a change of pace after getting through 2020).

Anything With Gold Has Value - Gold Buyer Pros and Cons

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Christchurch folks have a lot of options available to them for selling gold, but its easy to make mistakes too. First, do not confuse gold-plated items with gold. They will be politely but firmly rejected by a gold buyer. Gold-plated items tend to be base metal with a very thin sheen of gold electrostatically attached to it. The actual content might be bronze, copper, or even lead. These items are easy to test for and identify and can lead to an awkward moment with a gold buyer. If you know an item, coin or jewellery is really gold-plated, save yourself the trouble and set it aside from the real gold items you might want to sell. Online auction sites, personal websites, and similar are better for such items if you want to sell them to others.

Another big mistake is to sell your gold to whatever the first option comes along in Christchurch. Unfortunately, there are a lot of characters running around either has temporary buyers visiting or operating pawn shops and cash loan offices who definitely not interested in paying a fair dollar for used gold. In fact, most of their strategy is to buy for as little as possible hoping the lure of quick cash will get people to forget about researching their options. This is very common with “gold parties” were folks attend with what they have and get an immediate cash price on the spot, which in reality may be 40 or 50 percent less than its worth with a professional buyer.

A Better Alternative

For Christchurch, there’s a better alternative than buyers that only appear for a few days or gold buyers operating out of pawn shops and payday loan offices. Instead, Gold Smart provides all Kiwi second-hand gold sellers a viable way to sell their extra items for a very fair price with a full evaluation, no cost or fees for a review, and providing one of the safest and most reliable channels for gold liquidation. Especially now, with gold prices running at a premium level due to overall demand, nothing can be more frustrating than to try to liquidate gold and be faced with the risk of a fraud or a scam. It ruins things for everyone involved. Instead, utilizing Gold Smart, either in-person at their Auckland office or via distance with the Gold Smart online gold selling channel via secure courier, your gold will be fully reviewed, priced, confirmed, and bought with a fair price if you agree. And there’s no downstream requirement to do so. You might change your mind; that is perfectly fine. You control the sale, not a high-pressure pitch or anything else.

Our professional gold buyers will review every item and test it for gold content to produce an accurate report of your holdings. It helps to have your paperwork for items, but even if you do not our testing processes will identify the gold quality accurately. Whether it is a ring, coin, medallion, earring, or broken wristband, we can accurately identify the gold type, carat quality and associated resale value for each piece. The results are an informative process where you learn exactly how second-hand gold is priced and how your lot is valued. This gives you the best Christchurch decision option possible for your second-hand gold and whether to sell it to Gold Smart or not. And it is a far better process than anyone is going to find with a pawn shop or some 3-day Christchurch temporary “gold party.”

Gold Smart will always strive for the best service and pay the most accurate dollar price for used gold once evaluated by our team. Contact us to find out more and how we can help you in Christchurch.