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Whew! Christmas has gone and New Years Resolutions will start to be tested as 2011 gets underway!

As professional Gold Buyers we understand that Christmas spending can put families under pressure, not to mention holidays, travel, purchases and just the rising price of food! It can be tempting to pay using credit – to have something now is quite powerful in motivating us to indulge in expensive items that perhaps we should avoid. The big trap for many is the high interest rates that many credit providers charge, including the simply evil rates that ‘Pawn Brokers’ use to trap Kiwis into.

Selling gold can be a very effective way to create additional capital for families. When considering selling gold in New Zealand you’ll need to be sure you are selling gold to a gold buying company that provides the best rates, full privacy and discretion, personal and friendly service and knowledgeable staff. It’s not worth taking the risk – your intuition is a great asset when considering which gold buying company to sell to. Customers say that “Gold Smart is the ONLY choice!”

It’s incredible how a small amount of gold jewellery can add up to a significant amount of CASH. It may only be a few handfuls of gold jewellery that you are considering selling – yet that could be several hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Imagine what you can use this money for…

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