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  • Silver Buyers in New Zealand

    Gold Smart is more than just a gold buying company. We will also buy coins and bullion made from silver. Silver has been part of an upward market trend and now is the time to sell your unwanted silver. The following list has just a few examples of silver bullion you may have around your home. Like gold items, we can evaluate silver products to confirm authenticity.

    Below are examples of the types of silver that we typically buy from customers all around New Zealand:

    Selling Silver Coins in New Zealand

    Not all silver coins are created equal. In fact, some types are bought as “junk silver” and purchased for the melt value. This is especially true with older coins produced before the 1960s. Many mints that manufacture gold coins will make similar versions in silver. Examples include the Silver Eagle, Silver Buffalo, and Silver Maple Leaf. Many of these coins are legal tender and contain 1 troy ounce of silver. Although silver coins being sold don’t need to be in pristine condition, it is ideal if they are clean and blemish free. It is best to store your silver coins in protective packaging until you’re ready to sell them.

    Sell New Zealand Silver Fern

    The New Zealand Silver Fern coin is a silver bullion coin minted by the New Zealand Mint. The coins have been minted in denominations of 1 oz of .9999 (99.99%) silver. The obverse features the Silver Fern native to New Zealand. NZ Silver Fern bullion is unique because of its high-quality silver (.9999 pure).

    For your interest: The reverse shows a map of New Zealand and the four stars of the Southern Cross and its position in the night sky. The world “Aotearoa” is the traditional Maori name for New Zealand that means “land of the long white cloud”. These coins have an unlimited mintage.

    Sell The Australian Silver Kookaburra, Silver Koala and Lunar Year Bullion Coins

    The Australian Silver Kookaburra, Silver Koala, and Silver Lunar Year coins come in various sizes and are minted by the Perth Mint. The coins feature various designs famous to Australia – such as the Kookaburra and Koala. Sold in various sizes of 1/20oz to 1 kilogram (most typically 1 troy ounce).

    For your interest: Silver bullion products made by the Perth Mint in Australia, may have actually been made from silver mined right here in New Zealand at the Martha Mine located in Waihi – New Zealand’s famous gold mining town.

    Sell Silver Philharmonic Bullion Coin

    The Vienna Philharmonic silver coin is struck in Ag 999 (silver) and sold as investment bullion. ‘Silver Philharmonics’ have been minted since February 2008 and the design of the silver coin is identical to that of the gold coin, except for its face value of 1.50 euro. These coins are sometimes found individually, or more ideally in sealed tubes of 25 x 1oz or ‘monster boxes’ of 500 ounces.

    For your interest: One of the most interesting visual aspects of the coin comes by way of the design of the reverse of the coin. Images of musical instruments not only are meant to signify those used in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, along with the text Wiener Philharmoniker (which literally translates to “Vienna Philharmonic”), are built into the design itself. Even Vienna’s Musikverein, which dutifully serves as the concert hall of the Vienna Philharmonic, is tastefully represented. A huge amount of additional information is also inscribed on the reverse of the coin including the weight, the year of issues, the purity and the face value in euros.

    Sell Silver Canadian Maples, American Silver Eagles, Silver Buffalo and many others

    Some of the most common and popular silver coins are the 1oz Silver Maples minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, 1oz American Silver Eagles and the 1oz Silver Buffalo coins minted by the United States Mint. Coins typically come in tubes of 20-25 rounds or in “monster boxes” of 500 rounds. The value of your silver bullion may be affected by the quality and condition and ideally will not have been touched and stored in air-tight containers.

    For your interest: In 2009 over 9.7 million ounces of silver maples were released by the Royal Canadian Mint, 30.4 million ounces of silver eagles were released by the United States Mint, 1.6 million ounces of Mexican Libertad bullion coins, the Perth Mint produced 989,024 ounces of silver Kookaburra/Koala/Lunar coins, and 3 million Chinese Silver Panda coins are scheduled to be minted this year.

    Silver Bullion Sales Options

    Selling silver bullion is a smart financial move in the current market. Silver bullion you could potentially sell includes silver minted bars and silver cast bars.

    Examples of silver bullion that can be sold to Gold Smart include MyGold, Perth Mint, Morris and Watson, and PAMP Suisse. On silver bars, you will likely see hallmarks that denote the company logo, weight, and fineness of the silver.

    Sell PAMP Suisse 1kg Silver Bullion

    ‘PAMP Suisse’ silver bullion is known the World over and we will buy silver (and gold) that’s been minted by this famous company. PAMP silver is normally seen in 1kg bars that show the makers marks, including a serial number and paper assay certificate. PAMP of Switzerland is LBMA accredited and sold in stackable cartons of 15 x 1kg bullion bars at 99.9% purity.

    Sell MyGold Silver Bullion

    Independent and family owned merchant of precious metals, MyGold built their reputation selling high-quality gold and silver bullion products all across New Zealand. These bars will be stamped with 99.9% silver, the brand name, weight and metal type. MyGold Silver Bars can be found in various sizes: 3oz, 5oz, 10oz, 20oz, 50g, 100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg or 5kg.

    Sell Morris and Watson 1kg Silver Bullion

    Highly regarded for their quality refining, ‘Morris and Watson’ precious metal products can be found throughout New Zealand. Investors wishing to sell silver can contact us with further details and it’s not uncommon to see packs of 5 x 1kg packets sealed in air-tight plastic. Morris and Watson bars have the following hallmarks: MW, SILVER, 999 and the weight (1kg).

    Sell New Zealand Pure 1kg Silver Bullion

    ‘New Zealand Pure’ silver bullion is often seen in 1kg ingot bars with the hallmarks as seen in the image. These bars are 1 kilogram silver cast ingot of 32.15 troy ounces and a fineness of 999 (99.9%). NZ Pure silver has the following hallmarks: SILVER, 999, Selling silver has never been easier or as profitable with record high silver prices.

    Sell CIMET 1.002kg and 2.006kg Silver Ingots

    In the 1980’s ‘Auckland Bullion Traders and Refiners’ was the first company in New Zealand to produce silver bars under the brand CIMET and are still in circulation today. CIMET silver bullion bars seem to come from everywhere including garages, desks, vaults, storage boxes, attics and the 1980’s! These bars are commonly seen in sizes of 1.002kg and 2.006kg of varying quality and finish. The silver may be tarnished due to handling and normal oxidation – this does not affect the price or value of the silver bullion. Hallmarks on CIMET silver may include: ASS, 999, CS and CD.

    Getting Paid for Silver in New Zealand

    Your quote for any silver will depend on the weight of each piece. As an industry standard silver bullion has a fineness of 999 or 99.9%, sometimes higher.

    Gold and silver market pricing is always available on the Gold Smart website. Market prices are consistently fluctuating and are primarily shaped by supply and demand. When any type of precious metal is in high demand, you will see the market price increase significantly.

    The process to sell your silver is the same as any gold transaction. All transactions can be completed at our Auckland location or can be arranged online or by phone. After all silver pieces have been catalogued and assessed by our team members, you will receive a quote and the option to sell your silver. If you choose to accept the offer, payment is sent straight away. There is no risk when selling gold and silver to Gold Smart and we will send back any pieces you don’t wish to sell in an insured package

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