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    Gold Smart purchases other types of precious metals from sellers, including platinum pieces. Frequently, an individual will have platinum jewellery to sell that he or she no longer uses. Gold Smart buys all items made from platinum or palladium. Our sales offers are open to those selling platinum rings, necklaces, watches, coins, and bars. We offer great prices with an easy sales process.

    Selling Platinum Jewellery

    Platinum rings and jewellery are very popular and you may choose to sell them if you no longer feel a strong emotional connection to them. You can also sell platinum jewellery that isn’t in style. Platinum is a popular choice in the manufacturing of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets as the precious metal keeps it’s distinctive colour. Gold Smart looks for certain hallmarks when deciding which platinum jewellery pieces to buy. Our buying team usually buys platinum with purity levels that exceed 90 percent.:

    – Items stamped with 900 Pt / 900 Plat (90% Pure Platinum)
    – Items stamped with 950 Pt / 950 Plat (95% Pure Platinum)

    Sell Platinum Coins

    Platinum coins can be sold to Gold Smart quickly and easily. Platinum coins are frequently issued as commemorative pieces or with the same design as their gold counterparts. Examples of platinum coins to sell are the Royal Mint Brittania, American Eagle, and Maple Leaf. Platinum coins can also be circulated and will have a face value assigned by the government. As an example, the Platinum American Eagle coin has a face value of 100 USD.

    Sell Platinum Bars

    Platinum bars, whilst not as popular as gold bars, still present a solid investment opportunity. Sizes for platinum bars start at 1 gram and ends at 1 kilogram. Platinum bullion usually ships with assay certificates—the information on the certificate will help you set up your sale with Gold Smart. The certificate will likely provide the weight and purity for the platinum bar and denote a serial number.

    Selling Palladium for Profit

    If you have any jewellery items made from palladium, we are interested in buying them. Palladium is also sold as bullion in bar form. We seek palladium bars with a fineness of .9995. If you’re unsure if an item is made from palladium or platinum, you could also have the piece appraised. Gold Smart accepts platinum and palladium scrap in any condition. Even if any of the jewellery items made from these precious metals are damaged, we can still buy them from you

    Selling Platinum to Gold Smart

    The first step is getting in touch with the friendly Gold Smart team. We will go over what types of platinum you plan to send in, the purity and condition. Arrangements are made for pickup and payment is sent as soon as you accept the offer.

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