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If you do a little online research, you will see that there are numerous websites and so called experts who claim that they or their systems can predict the future price of gold. Sometimes price and value predictions are correct, however hindsight can be a wonderful thing. You may not be sure if their claims are true, pure luck or genuine expert advice.

If you want to sell your gold items, you should know that in this business some buyers try making some predictions to their customers, but can gold prices actually be predicted? The truth is if they could accurately predict the price of gold they would be financially retired.

When you are ready to buy or sell gold, be careful with businesses that claim to know what is going to happen in the future. Keep in mind that they might be doing so in order to seduce you to buy or sell your items either faster, cheaper or both.

If you are looking to sell, gold rates are very good at the moment, based on what they were couple of weeks ago. To be more specific, the price of gold rose over 2.5% since January in New Zealand dollars. What is going to happen tomorrow or next week? No one really knows.

At Gold Smart we are happy to provide our opinions however we do not provide gold price predictions. Our friendly staff is trained to give facts and let our customers decide whether they think it is a good time to sell or not. Our motto is to provide the best possible rates, making sure that customers are satisfied and happy in every transaction with us.