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SILVER: NZD $ Market price per Ounce todayLearn More

It has been quite an exciting few weeks for the gold markets. We saw prices jumping within days of the announcement from the US Federal Reserve on their fiscal policy. Gold has reached the highest price in almost 7 months, making now a GREAT time to sell.

As well as gold, silver has also gone up more than 6% – it’s already almost 16% higher than in January.

If you have any unwanted, broken, forgotten or outdated pieces of gold and/or silver, selling now could be a great opportunity to get more money for your items.

We at Gold Smart buy your jewellery or any other gold/silver prices based on their weight, carat and international prices. With prices this high, there will be more money for you when selling to us, giving you the opportunity to shop more, travel more, pay more bills or simply invest the extra money into your savings, so why wait?

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