Where to Sell Silverware in New Zealand
Posted on: 25th April 2011 By Anita

Did you know that the Sterling Silverware cutlery sitting in your kitchen draw is a veritable “silver mine”? With the price of silver reaching record levels more and more people are realising that Nana’s old spoons, forks, knives, serving spoons, dishware, candlesticks, tea-service set, tableware, silver flatware and so on is worth it’s weight in … Continue reading Where to Sell Silverware in New Zealand

Cash Loans for Gold? Beware of “Loan Sharks”
Posted on: 20th April 2011 By Anita

Evil. That’s what we’d call anyone making loans on gold and silver jewellery – commonly referred to others as “loan sharks”. These predatory companies have infiltrated New Zealand society and exploit struggling families. With the current environment of rising prices (food, petrol, energy, etc) many are in desperate and vulnerable states that loan sharks will … Continue reading Cash Loans for Gold? Beware of “Loan Sharks”

Sell Silver for Cash
Posted on: 18th April 2011 By Anita

Silver prices have been doing extremely well lately and outpacing gold in terms of it’s rise. This is making it an excellent time to sell silver in New Zealand with spot silver hitting a new 31-year peak! How long will this rally continue is anyone’s guess with many commentators saying that “silver is overbought” and … Continue reading Sell Silver for Cash

About Gold Smart – Professional Gold Buyers in New Zealand
Posted on: 8th April 2011 By Anita

Imagine having spare cash for the new things you want just by selling your outdated and unwanted gold… At Gold Smart® We Buy Gold and Silver in New Zealand for refining and recycling. Gold Smart’s service helps you exchange your unwanted, damaged or outdated gold jewellery for cash as gold prices soar. We started Gold … Continue reading About Gold Smart – Professional Gold Buyers in New Zealand

Jewellery Valuations and Insurance
Posted on: 4th April 2011 By Anita

With gold prices hitting record-highs it seems there are people encouraging the public to spend money on jewellery valuations. Having up-to-date records of all your gold and silver jewellery items is very important and understanding how insurance companies work will save you headaches and trouble if the unthinkable happens – your jewellery goes missing! What’s … Continue reading Jewellery Valuations and Insurance