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If you are thinking about selling gold in New Zealand, strike while the iron is hot. Gold is quite valuable at this point in time. Bring your gold items to our NZ gold merchants, obtain a quote and walk out with a bundle of cash. All you have to do is call ahead for an appointment so we can properly prepare for arrival. It is that easy to turn your unused gold items into real money you can use for whatever suits your fancy.

We Want Your Gold Jewellery

Most jewellery goes out of style after a few years or decades. Though some truly timeless pieces certainly exist, most end up collecting dust in the jewellery box, closet, attic or other storage space. If you have any sort of gold jewellery you no longer fancy, bring it to our New Zealand gold merchants for cash. We are interested in every piece of jewellery as long as it contains gold. Perhaps you have gold earrings you haven’t worn in seemingly forever. There is no sense in holding onto them when they can fetch a fantastic price from our New Zealand gold buyers. Maybe you have gold bangles. Though gold bangles were once a chic fashion accessory, they are no longer en vogue. If your bangles have any gold at all, bring them to our NZ gold merchants for an appraisal. You can use the money to buy some new on-trend fashion accessories, enjoy a delicious dinner or save it for a rainy day.

All it takes is a quick review of your jewellery collection to pinpoint the items that contain gold. If you aren’t sure whether a certain piece contains gold, you can bring it to our New Zealand gold buyers for an assessment. We are revered throughout New Zealand for our honesty and fairness. If your jewellery has any gold, we will provide you with an accurate appraisal.

If It has Gold, We Want It

Take a close look at the items you have in storage. If you own anything with gold, you can turn it into cash with a quick visit to Gold Smart. Perhaps you have a gold pendant you haven’t donned since you were a youngster. Your gold pendant probably doesn’t mean much to you at this stage in life. Bring it to our gold buyers in New Zealand and you can walk out with a nice wad of cash.

We are even willing to pay good money for scrap gold. It doesn’t matter if your gold item is tarnished, broken, dented or flawed in any other manner. Even if you are absolutely certain no one will want it, we will make an offer as long as it contains gold. We buy every type of gold from alloy to gold coins, gold teeth, wire, dental fillings, bars and beyond. As long as your item contains legitimate gold, we will give you a respectable offer. So, don’t worry about the condition of the item(s) in question. It does not matter if it is unsightly, broken into multiple pieces or deformed in any other way. The bottom line is an item with the appropriate amount of gold will spur an offer from our NZ gold merchants.

An Influx of Cash is Right Around the Corner

We invite you to schedule an appointment so our gold buyers can take a look at your gold in-person. Contact us today to coordinate an appointment. You can also send your items to us for an appraisal. We make it easy to sell gold for top dollar in New Zealand.