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If you are thinking of selling gold in New Zealand, Gold Smart is at your service. We accept gold in any condition, whether it is a pristine piece of jewellery, gold coins, scrap gold or anything in between. It does not matter if you have yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. We will take your gold regardless of its age, colour or condition.

A Family-owned Company You Can Trust

Sell Gold with Gold Smart - NZ Gold Merchant

Part of what separates Gold Smart from the pack is our friendly and trustworthy staff. We look forward to interacting with customers. Our aim is to exceed your expectations so you are inspired to recommend Gold Smart NZ gold merchants to friends, family and colleagues. We take great pride in playing a productive role in the community. You have gold. We have cash. Sell your gold to our gold merchants and the end result will be mutually beneficial. If you have any questions or concerns about the gold selling process or gold itself, you will find our gold aficionados are more than willing to help. You can speak with us in-person at our brick-and-mortar location, over the phone, through our website’s live chat or via e-mail.

We are the licensed gold buyers you have been looking for. Our team is as straightforward as it gets. We genuinely want you to receive top dollar for your gold. Whether you are looking for some extra cash to pay the rent, buy a new car, take a vacation or fill out your wardrobe, you can get it by selling your gold to Gold Smart. All you have to do is bring your piece (or mail it) to our office for a free appraisal. We will provide you with an unbeatable quote without delay. You can even get cash on the same day your piece is appraised. This is the perfect solution if you are in a bind and desperately need quick cash.

The Highest Possible Price

Bring your gold to Gold Smart for an appraisal and you will find we offer the highest price in all of New Zealand. In the rare event that you find another precious metals buyer who exceeds our price, we will match it. Part of the reason why we offer such high prices is that we are looking to secure your business across posterity. Our mission is to generate inroads with precious metals owners of all backgrounds. We want Gold Smart to be the first gold merchant New Zealanders think of when the time comes to sell gold jewellery, bullion, coins, scrap gold and any other type of gold. So, don’t waste your time with other precious metals merchants. You won’t find a better price than the one offered at Gold Smart. If your gold has already been appraised at another merchant, don’t pull the trigger on the sale until you bring your item to Gold Smart for a free appraisal. You will likely find our quote exceeds the one you have already obtained.

Don’t Trash Your old or Broken Gold

We are interested in your gold regardless of its condition, age or colour. Perhaps you have a broken gold necklace. Maybe you have an out of style gold bracelet that looks quite unsightly. We are interested in your gold even if it is dented, scratched, scraped or tarnished in any other manner. From gold wedding bands to rings, bangles, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, bars, coins and beyond, if it has gold, we want it. So, don’t trash your old and/or ugly gold. It has legitimate value. Let us pay top dollar for your gold so you can turn these useless pieces into something that provides actual utility and/or enjoyment.

Why You Should Sell Your Gold Items

There is a seemingly endless list of reasons to sell gold items. Gold jewellery that is outdated or tarnished in any manner is no longer fashionable. Why not let your gold item go for a tidy sum of cash so it can be melted down to be used for a meaningful purpose? Perhaps your gold no longer holds the same sentimental value as it did when you received it.

Above all, the best reason to sell gold is to obtain cash! We offer big bucks for gold pieces of all varieties. You can use this cash for a night out on the town, an investment or even put it toward the purchase of a brand-new gold item that is completely flawless and on-trend.

The Pressure-free Selling Experience You Have Been Looking For

Do business with Gold Smart and you will enjoy a comfortable interaction in which you do not feel pressured to sell your gold item(s). Our New Zealand gold merchants are here to educate you about precious metals and provide you with quick cash for your pieces. If you don’t like our quote, we won’t be offended if you decide to hold onto your piece or obtain another appraisal.

This is the no-stress sales experience every gold owner deserves. We aim to earn your trust, ensure you are as comfortable as possible and provide you with the most possible money for your gold. This is the top-notch customer service that distinguishes Gold Smart from the rest of New Zealand’s precious metals merchants. Contact us today to learn more about our appraisal process and buying/selling programs.