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Fine for dealer who fixed scales in gold-buying con

Stall owner John Lynch was rumbled trying to buy chain after shaving 3g of its weight A dodgy gold buyer in Manchester has been fined £400 after he was caught trying to rip off an undercover officer. John Christopher Lynch, 60, was rumbled trying to buy a gold chain worth £140 for a...

Manchester court

Vodafone’s Goldrush giveaway with Breakfast

Breakfast is giving away two Samsung Galaxy S5 phones worth over $1,000 each every day this week! Vodafone customers who buy a Samsung Galaxy get the chance to win $100,000 worth of gold from Vodafone and Breakfast is giving you the chance to enter that draw for free. All you have to do is...

Scrap dealer finds €24m Faberge egg at bric-a-brac stall

Buyer purchased egg in hope he could cash in on its scrap metal value Undated handout photo issued by Wartski of a Third Imperial Faberge Easter Egg made for Russian royalty that was bought by a scrap metal dealer at a US bric-a-brac market, the egg is ultra-rare and worth around £20...

Rare Gold Egg Faberge

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Bid on a solid-gold Flappy Bird while you still can

You don't need a 14-karat gold Flappy Bird figurine, but you might want to own the cute little thing anyway. Certain people are having trouble dealing with the demise of Flappy Bird, the short-lived, highly addictive game that died a sudden death when creator Dong Nguyen pulled it from...

Flappy Bird 14k Gold

The World’s Biggest Gold Heist

Whenever anyone envisions a huge bank robbery these days, they inevitably think of sophisticated criminals who use the latest technology in order to break into bank vaults of the highest security. No doubt these thoughts come from Hollywood movies like Die Hard and Oceans 11 (and 12, and...

Brinks MAT warehouse Image

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New Zealand Gold Merchants Engaged in Copyright Infringement

New Zealand Gold Merchants Limited - under the website "" have been found copying content from our website. NZ Gold Merchants which is based at 49 Angle Street, Onehunga, Auckland, have taken text from our website and used it on their own site. See the below image for an example...

You can’t spell Pawn Broker without “broke”

In the United States there are several shows on television about Pawn Brokers that are, in all honesty, quite interesting. People from all over bring in their valuable (and sometimes not so valuable) items to either sell or “pawn” and get some quick cash, and sometimes the items that they bring...
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The World’s Most Valuable Gold Things

Gold has been valued for centuries because, well, it really looks nice. It’s got a beautiful color, a weight that really feels impressive and, since it’s highly malleable, it can literally be made into a million different things, or used as a covering for them as well. And boy oh boy, it...

Golden Gold Cupcake

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Gold, fur and streakers…Fashion Week rolls on

Mother Nature is picking a fight with the fashionistas. She has thrown snow, slippery sludge and harsh cold winds their way, but fashion lovers are coming out armed in their furs, knits and even miniskirts. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is back at Lincoln Center for a select few. The crowd is...

Gold and fur

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What you Need to Know when Selling your Gold Watch

Men and women alike have always had a love affair with fine timepieces. When it comes to watches, there’s something about gold watches in general that really appeals to most people. The gold itself is very attractive, of course, and the weight of the fine gold watch on your wrist lets you know...

Gold Rolex Smart

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