Dental Gold
Posted on: 28th June 2012 By Anita

The use of gold in dental work dates as far back as 2500 BC. Gold teeth back then were bonded with gold thread, perhaps to strengthen a weak tooth. Around 700 BC, the Etruscans fixed replacement teeth in the mouths of their patients with gold thread and gold could also be used to fill cavities. … Continue reading Dental Gold

Gold Buyers – Selling Gold in New Zealand
Posted on: 21st June 2012 By Anita

Everyone loves gold. It’s brilliant, shiny, has a weight to it that people love and, frankly, it’s a darn good investment. On the other hand if you need cash quickly selling your gold can be very fruitful. The fact is, selling your unwanted gold has never been easier as today there are computers that can … Continue reading Gold Buyers – Selling Gold in New Zealand

How to spot real or fake Gold?
Posted on: 30th April 2012 By Anita

At Gold Smart customers often bring in items that were gifted to them, and they are not sure whether the jewellery is genuine gold. There are a few methods you can use to determine if your jewellery is real gold or not. Do keep in mind that these methods are not 100% conclusive, but can … Continue reading How to spot real or fake Gold?

Where to Find Gold
Posted on: 13th February 2012 By Anita

Gold panning is becoming more and more popular amongst geology enthusiasts in New Zealand and all over the world.  Also called simply panning, gold panning is a way to extract gold using, in most cases, few resources, low investment, simple equipment and rustic tools. The process is one of the simplest and also the oldest … Continue reading Where to Find Gold