Gold Prices Ticking Up – Great Time to Sell Gold Jewellery
Posted on: 2nd April 2017 By Alisson

Gold prices have steadily increased in the past couple of years. Ask anyone who studies economics, finance or investing about gold and he will likely testify that the price of this precious metal has skyrocketed at an unprecedented rate in the recent past. In fact, many such experts advise to sell gold jewellery and other … Continue reading Gold Prices Ticking Up – Great Time to Sell Gold Jewellery

Don’t Fear the “Gold Is Falling” Headlines
Posted on: 18th April 2013 By Anita

In recent days, the new headlines, especially the financial news, have been focused on the very sharp decline in the market price of gold. While it is true that short term traders and investors have taken a hit on their gold investments, you should also be aware that by historical standards the value of gold … Continue reading Don’t Fear the “Gold Is Falling” Headlines

Gold Price Moves to Highest Point in 7 months
Posted on: 19th September 2012 By Anita

It has been quite an exciting few weeks for the gold markets. We saw prices jumping within days of the announcement from the US Federal Reserve on their fiscal policy. Gold has reached the highest price in almost 7 months, making now a GREAT time to sell. As well as gold, silver has also gone … Continue reading Gold Price Moves to Highest Point in 7 months

Gold Buyer NZ
Posted on: 28th August 2012 By Anita

Selling gold is becoming  more normal as customers around New Zealand realise they could be sitting on a goldmine with their jewellery. The value of scrap gold is determined by how heavy the items are, what karat of gold and the live spot prices. Being a gold buyer, it’s fascinating to see the interesting jewellery items that … Continue reading Gold Buyer NZ

Where to Find Gold
Posted on: 13th February 2012 By Anita

Gold panning is becoming more and more popular amongst geology enthusiasts in New Zealand and all over the world.  Also called simply panning, gold panning is a way to extract gold using, in most cases, few resources, low investment, simple equipment and rustic tools. The process is one of the simplest and also the oldest … Continue reading Where to Find Gold

Be Aware Of Gold Price Predictions
Posted on: 18th January 2012 By Anita

If you do a little online research, you will see that there are numerous websites and so called experts who claim that they or their systems can predict the future price of gold. Sometimes price and value predictions are correct, however hindsight can be a wonderful thing. You may not be sure if their claims are true, … Continue reading Be Aware Of Gold Price Predictions

Sell Jewellery
Posted on: 15th December 2011 By Anita

Christmas time is upon us and it’s a great time for giving and spending time with loved ones. If you are looking for extra cash these holidays, remember you may be sitting on a gold-mine in your jewellery box. The gold prices when selling jewellery depend on the carat and weight of the items. The … Continue reading Sell Jewellery

A high karat means more money for you
Posted on: 20th September 2011 By Anita

The amount paid by Gold Smart for your jewellery depends on the gold quality and weight of your items. Most countries require jewelers by law to hallmark or seal gold jewellery. This means that an analysis laboratory determines the quality of the piece and stamps it with an official seal to indicate purity. On the … Continue reading A high karat means more money for you

The Best Place to Sell Gold
Posted on: 7th September 2011 By Anita

Many people make a mistake of pawning their gold and silver to “less-than-trustworthy” uncaring pawn shops. Gold Smart appreciates your time and we understand that many cash for gold and silver deals can leave you feeling jilted. You deserve much better than that! Don’t Take Chances Gold Smart is the safest and easiest way to … Continue reading The Best Place to Sell Gold

US Debt Issue Fuels Gold Prices
Posted on: 29th July 2011 By Anita

Gold prices are remaining high as continued uncertainty around the US debt crisis continues to trouble markets. This is more a reflection of the US Dollar loosing value against other currencies, including the AUD and NZD. The recent rises in spot prices have caught many by surprise, however remain highly volatile as markets trade on … Continue reading US Debt Issue Fuels Gold Prices

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