Understand gold hallmarks/gold stamps
Posted on: 3rd October 2018 By Alisson

The purpose of adding hallmarks to gold jewellery is primarily to show its purity. These markings also originated to display the assaying office's connection to the piece in question. An assaying office certifies gold purity along with the caratage of fineness of the gold. As time progressed, hallmarks were also added to pieces to identify the goldsmith that manufactured it.…

How to Identify Real Gold
Posted on: 16th November 2016 By Alisson

If you aren't exactly sure how to differentiate between real gold and fake gold, don't feel bad. Most people have no idea how to distinguish between the two. If you own gold or are looking to purchase it, you should know that there is plenty of counterfeit gold making the rounds. Criminals make phony gold…

What is White Gold Alloy?
Posted on: 21st October 2016 By Alisson

Most people know gold is valuable yet many are unaware that there are several different types of gold. Aside from regular yellow gold, rose gold and white gold also exist. Yet white gold does not have a glaringly white or beige hue. It is referred to as white gold partially due to the fact that…

Is Your Scrap Gold Worth Anything? Why You Shouldn’t Throw it Away
Posted on: 13th October 2016 By Alisson

If you own any sort of scrap gold, you should know it has value. Too many people errantly throw out scrap gold, assuming it is worthless due to its age, unsightly appearance or diminutive size. The truth is that scrap gold really is worth good money. Abide by this mantra when it comes to scrap…

What Does “14 Carat Gold” Mean? A Guide to Weighing Gold
Posted on: 5th October 2016 By Alisson

When it comes to weighing and valuing gold, the average person is often a bit confused in terms of semantics and pricing logic. Most laymen do not understand how gold is valued, what carats mean and why gold weight is so important. If your head is spinning, don't fret! All of the answers to your…

Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam – Adam Ruins Everything
Posted on: 24th November 2014 By Anita

...but you'll still end up buying one.

The World’s Biggest Gold Heist
Posted on: 13th March 2014 By Anita

Whenever anyone envisions a huge bank robbery these days, they inevitably think of sophisticated criminals who use the latest technology in order to break into bank vaults of the highest security. No doubt these thoughts come from Hollywood movies like Die Hard and Oceans 11 (and 12, and 13). Truth be told however, some of…

Edible Gold Food and Drinks are Gaining Popularity
Posted on: 9th December 2013 By Anita

If you’ve ever heard your doctor recommend that you “get your vitamins and minerals” you can rest assured that they weren’t talking about gold. Although gold is chemically inert and completely harmless to the human body, it is definitely not essential for humans in any way, shape or form. One thing it is though is…

These gold plated items will blow your mind!
Posted on: 2nd December 2013 By Anita

When you ask the typical person, male or female, about the types of things that are made from gold most will tell you that it’s jewellery like necklaces and rings. People who invest in or buy gold will more than likely answer gold bars and then of course you have pirates, who have a well-known…

Private jet gets $2 million gold-plated makeover
Posted on: 1st October 2013 By Anita

When the super rich want to give their private jets an extreme makeover, one of the designers they turn to is Eric Roth at International Jet Interiors in Ronkonkoma, N.Y. A private jet is one of a billionaire's ultimate luxuries and Roth's clients take "super rich" to a whole new level. "I've got certain people…