Selling Unwanted Christmas Gold Jewellery Gifts
Posted on: 23rd January 2018 By Alisson

If you are like most people, you receive Christmas gifts and other gifts you do not desire or need. We have all received and given gifts that end up collecting dust. It is just the nature of the holidays' gift-giving tradition. What matters most is the sentiment of the person providing the gift. You are…

The World’s Most Valuable Gold Things
Posted on: 18th February 2014 By Anita

Gold has been valued for centuries because, well, it really looks nice. It’s got a beautiful color, a weight that really feels impressive and, since it’s highly malleable, it can literally be made into a million different things, or used as a covering for them as well. And boy oh boy, it sure has been…

Happy New Year!
Posted on: 1st January 2013 By Anita

A year of bitter-sweet memories has passed. May this new year bring immense joy and fun to your life. May you reach new heights of success and happiness! A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Gold Smart team!

3 Great Reasons to Stay Focused
Posted on: 5th November 2012 By Anita

The idea that one should see the positive side when their path is full of obstacles might seem clichéd, but it is real and useful. Everything in life is a matter of focus, even (and especially) under the bias of Positive Psychology (PP). In the late 1990's when he founded the PP movement, psychologist Martin…

10 Top Travel Destinations for 2012
Posted on: 9th July 2012 By Anita

Now that you have made a great deal selling your jewellery to Gold Smart, what’s next? What if you take that extra money and treat yourself? And what better way to do this than to travel to a beautiful country. Here is a guide to 10 awesome destinations that could be ideal for your next…

16 golden tips for inner peace and happiness
Posted on: 19th June 2012 By Anita

We at Gold Smart focus on providing you with the best prices for your unwanted gold and silver. Our goal is to ensure our customers are delighted after selling their items to us. You can make a fair amount of money selling your jewellery to us however at the end of the day what matters…

Selling gold and jewellery – when is the right time?
Posted on: 11th June 2012 By Anita

There are many predictions that gold prices will remain fairly steady in the immediate future. This means that when you sell your unwanted gold, the amount of money you receive should not vary much between consecutive weeks. The best time to sell gold is when you need funds. Whether it is now or next week,…

Gold Rate – Without Debt in 2012
Posted on: 13th January 2012 By Anita

Like many people, if you've spent more than you should with gifts and parties at the end of the year and started 2012 in the red, it's time to take a deep breath and take charge to organise your finances to a healthy position this year. Avoiding over-indebtedness is having control over your money. This…

How to set goals with focus and clarity
Posted on: 7th November 2011 By Anita

Many people lead their lives setting goals and making promises. It helps them to keep on their right track. In most cases, these promises and goals last about one week, if not less. Then, everything goes back to the way it was in the first place. To avoid falling into this trap, here is a…

10 Favorite ways to Spend and Invest your money from Gold Smart
Posted on: 6th October 2011 By Anita

We are told time and again that we must save money to try to control our expenses, all in order to achieve our financial freedom at some point. But spending money is a necessary part of life, few people actually tell us that we must spend it or invest to accelerate our financial independence. Here…