Gold and Silver Buyers Auckland
Posted on: 22nd September 2017 By Alisson

Gold and silver sellers in and around Auckland take note: Gold Smart is in the market for your precious metals. Whether you have gold bullion, silver coins, jewellery with precious metals or other items containing precious metals, Gold Smart is your go-to merchant. Why Gold and Silver Buyers Auckland Trust Gold Smart When you sell … Continue reading Gold and Silver Buyers Auckland

Sell Silver Coin
Posted on: 14th August 2017 By Alisson

Silver coins vary in value according to their age and a number of other characteristics. Plenty of old coins are primarily valued by their level of silver. Yet the price of silver changes on a daily basis. The value of your silver coins today might be considerably different from their value in a week, a month, … Continue reading Sell Silver Coin

Sell Silver
Posted on: 13th July 2017 By Alisson

If you have silver, Gold Smart is looking to buy it. We purchase a wide array of silver bullion and jewellery. It doesn’t matter what your silver’s make or size is. We will make a fair offer at the current market rate. The Types of Silver We Buy If you have silver and wonder if … Continue reading Sell Silver

Hamilton Gold Buyers
Posted on: 23rd May 2017 By Alisson

Hamilton residents who own gold and/or silver are in luck. Gold Smart is interested in buying your precious metals. That’s right – we are making it incredibly easy to sell gold and silver even though we do not have a traditional brick-and-mortar location in Hamilton. You can send your gold and/or silver to Gold Smart … Continue reading Hamilton Gold Buyers

Gold and Silver Buyers Auckland
Posted on: 11th May 2017 By Alisson

Gold Smart is here to turn your old, broken or unsightly gold into cash. We will take just about anything that contains gold, regardless of its condition. It can be bent, missing pieces, dented or tarnished in any other way. Let’s take a look at some examples of the type of gold our customers turn … Continue reading Gold and Silver Buyers Auckland

Sell Silver Coins
Posted on: 22nd February 2017 By Alisson

If you are looking to sell silver coins in New Zealand, you are in luck. There is a consistent demand for this precious metal across the country and the rest of the world. Let’s delve into the details of selling silver coins to help you get top dollar for your precious metals. Selling Silver for … Continue reading Sell Silver Coins

Sell Perth Mint Bullion
Posted on: 14th February 2017 By Alisson

If you have Perth Mint Bullion in the form of bars or coins and are considering selling, your first choice of buyers should be Gold Smart. We are interested in Perth Mint pieces as well as gold, silver and platinum pieces of just about every other variety. We have extremely fair prices, legions of satisfied … Continue reading Sell Perth Mint Bullion

We Buy Silver, Not Just Gold!
Posted on: 25th November 2016 By Alisson

When people think of precious metals, jewellery and businesses like Gold Smart, their thoughts tend to gravitate directly toward gold. Though we buy plenty of gold pieces, we also purchase silver as well. It is time to stop thinking of silver as gold’s paltry little brother. Silver is quite valuable for its natural beauty as … Continue reading We Buy Silver, Not Just Gold!

Sterling Silver vs Silver Jewellery
Posted on: 15th September 2016 By Alisson

Did you know there is a difference between silver jewellery and sterling silver jewellery? Most people are not aware of the distinctions between the two. If you are looking to sell silver or are on the prowl for silver buyers New Zealand, you should be aware of the merits of regular silver jewellery and sterling … Continue reading Sterling Silver vs Silver Jewellery

Tauranga Gold Exchange
Posted on: 7th August 2016 By Alisson

If you live in or near Tauranga and you have gold you would like to sell, you are in the catbird’s seat. The value of gold has steadily increased in recent months due to worldwide economic uncertainty. Selling gold is an excellent way to make some extra money within the confines of the law. Let’s … Continue reading Tauranga Gold Exchange

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