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With gold at $1,600 per ounce, that works out to about $50 per gram and it does not take much to get to more than a few grams of gold. If you have some jewellery, gold coins or gold bars at the back of a drawer or locked in your safe, you just need to follow a few simple steps to find out what your hoard is worth and then make the decision to sell or not.

First, you need to find out how much gold is in your gold. Pure 24 karat gold is too soft for most used of the metal, so your jewellery and coins are probably less than pure gold. A bar should be 99.99 percent pure, but that should be verified. A gold dealer will be able to test your pieces and give you the weight and what percentage of that weight is pure gold.

Get a value quote for your gold pieces. The gold dealer will let you know how much gold you have and the value of that amount of precious metal. Before going into the dealer you can use the Internet look up the most recent spot price for pure gold as it trades on the financial markets. Your local dealer should pay you a value close to the published price of gold. Remember that the dealer must process your gold pieces to extract the pure gold, and those costs will somewhat reduce the price per gram you receive.

Work with a gold dealer you know and trust. It is not a coincidence that Gold Smart puts out this blog and other information to help sellers make smart decisions. If you live in New Zealand, you have found the connection to the right dealer. If you live elsewhere, use the tips provided here to get the best value for your collection of gold objects.