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Sell Silver Coin
Posted on: 14th August 2017 By Alisson

Silver coins vary in value according to their age and a number of other characteristics. Plenty of old coins are primarily valued by their level of silver. Yet the price of silver changes on a daily basis. The value of your silver coins today might be considerably different from their value in a week, a month, … Continue reading Sell Silver Coin

Selling Gold Christchurch
Posted on: 28th July 2017 By Alisson

If you are looking to sell gold in New Zealand, this is the time to do it. Gold is still priced fairly high. You can turn those old gold pieces into cash with hardly any effort or time. Just about anything with gold can be sold for good money. Do not assume your scrap gold, … Continue reading Selling Gold Christchurch

Sell Silver
Posted on: 13th July 2017 By Alisson

If you have silver, Gold Smart is looking to buy it. We purchase a wide array of silver bullion and jewellery. It doesn’t matter what your silver’s make or size is. We will make a fair offer at the current market rate. The Types of Silver We Buy If you have silver and wonder if … Continue reading Sell Silver

Sell Jewellery NZ
Posted on: 30th June 2017 By Alisson

Gold Smart is here to buy your jewellery. Sell jewellery Auckland and you will have a nice bundle of cash in your pocket to spend on lovely new jewellery, a fancy dinner or a gift for a loved one. So, don’t scrap that old, scuffed or otherwise worn jewellery. Gold Smart will pay you good … Continue reading Sell Jewellery NZ

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