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Sell Gold Coins
Posted on: 24th May 2016 By Alisson

If you own gold coins, you should know that those little beauties can fetch quite the sum of money nowadays. Gold has gone up in value as time has progressed. Anyone who is thinking of selling gold coins should recognize the possibility that gold might be at or near its high for a while. This … Continue reading Sell Gold Coins

Sell Gold NZ
Posted on: 12th May 2016 By Alisson

Gold is a precious metal that has always been valuable. It will likely continue to hold its value, if not gain in value, far into the future. Gold has served a number of important purposes throughout history, ranging from being used in jewellery to medical devices and even spacecraft. The Push to Pinpoint all Sources … Continue reading Sell Gold NZ

Sell Silver
Posted on: 4th May 2016 By Alisson

Silver has been valued for millenniums for good reason. Aside from looking nice, silver plays an important role as an industrial metal. It is even used by everyday people for practical purposes. The price of silver has skyrocketed over 27 percent this year alone, making this the perfect time to sell. Let’s delve into the … Continue reading Sell Silver

Why it is dumb to buy expensive jewellery
Posted on: 26th April 2016 By Alisson

When it comes to anniversaries, holidays, graduations and other big events, giving the gift of jewellery is never a bad idea. Gold is one of the most common gifts around the world. Yet the average store typically marks up the cost of jewellery. They will gratuitously add to the value of their items’ gold content … Continue reading Why it is dumb to buy expensive jewellery

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