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For thousands of years gold has been used in the creation of jewellery, art, and coins. Through time gold has been an important factor in economic policies all over the world. It is usually bought as jewellery in times of abundance or investment bullion in times of crisis, and is sold as a method to release capital.

Reasons to Sell Gold

People think of selling gold for the most varied reasons. Whether by necessity or desire, it’s  a quick and easy way to unlock some money. Some of the most typical reasons why Kiwis sell gold jewellery are:

Unlocking value reserves

In times when business cash-flow is tight or one is temporarily out of work, it’s handy to know you have something valuable that can be quickly sold. Selling your gold is one of the quickest and easiest ways to unlock the gold value of your old jewellery items.

Sell because the time is right

Some people know the right time to sell gold in order to gain better profits. For instance, if you are following gold prices, you know that prices are historically really good at the moment.

Get rid of what is not needed

Some people buy jewellery, accessories or decorative items by impulse, when in reality they do not need it. They later end up not wearing the jewellery – better sold for cash than unloved in the jewellery box.

To buy something needed or desired

It’s normal for people to sell their gold to buy or pay for something special. This may be a household appliance, a new car, a house, school costs for the children, or an unexpected bill.

Regardless of your reasons, when you’re ready to sell your gold and/or silver items look for good, reputable and reliable buyers.

Gold Smart has been in business delivering high quality services and fair prices to customers for years now. If you take a look at our testimonials on our website you will see the glowing feedback from our happy customers. 

Enquire today via our contact page or give us call. We will be happy to assist you selling your gold and silver items.