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Gold and Precious Metal are More Common Than People Think

Most New Zealand households have gold or silver in some form of jewellery and maybe a few bullion coins received as gifts. Furniture and desk accessories sometimes fall in this category as well. So, while actual precious metal bullion bars are rare, actual holding some kind of precious metal is actually more common than people think. And with all those items, jewellery and accessories, over time things become outdated, they break or they get put in boxes or shelves sitting unused and second hand for years until dug out again during a cleaning or similar. Yet folks won’t get rid of these metal items because there is still value, even if the jewellery or accessory is broken. So back in the shelf or box they go for a few more years.

Fortunately, just carrying more scrap gold or silver storage isn’t necessary. Anything that incorporate solid precious metal can actually be recycled. Even better, one can get paid cash value for it, turning that useless metal item into a resource one could actually apply for a home improvement, a travel wish, a new class or school cost, or fine clothing for a career change. The options are plentiful once on realizes what can be liquidated and turned into useful cash.

Gold necklaces, bracelets, rings, mismatched earrings, bangles, name plates, trays and more can all be sold for precious metal pricing. The key factor is that the item must be made of the precious metal and not gold plated or some kind of substitute type. Secondly, folks should understand that higher purity results in higher prices. So, a 12 karat necklace will never price better than one that is 24 karats.

Gold Smart online or in-person can fairly price your items and safely provide you resource for turning second hand gold into useful cash. We are located downtown in the Auckland financial district, just 200 meters from the Sky Casino. Look for the Auckland Sky Tower and you’ll find us right next door.

Gold Prices for Scrap

Spending any time paying attention to the financial markets and eventually one is going to end up becoming aware of the price of gold in recent weeks. It’s one of the major investment indicators regularly track, regardless of the financial new source. And gold prices are high historically and continuing to keep increasing over time, year after year. That of course is going to trigger consideration in anyone with gold whether it’s possible to convert unwanted jewellery, coins, broken items and similar into actual useful cash for the value of the metal involved. The answer is a resounding YES.

Recent weeks due to economic instability world-wide and the need for a hedge against sliding market have seen a significant increase in gold interest from various channels, including both individual and institutional investors. All of that increases demand for the metal in bulk form. It also makes for a good time for folks with extra gold that is unused or second hand to convert it into cash as recycle precious metal. And mining isn’t really an option; the cost of pulling new gold out of the ground is tremendous. So new infusions of recycled gold are far more attractive.

Gold Smart makes the process of selling broken or damaged gold extremely easy. Our gold buyers handle all types of the metal, regardless of condition. As long as the item is entirely gold and not gold-plated or some similar substitute, it provides a viable sale for recycling precious metal. Gold Smart regularly has their gold buyers review and price consumers who sell scrap gold with offers at the best market prices possible for broken gold or scrap gold, without any hidden fees or surprise costs involved. And we easily handle sales online or in person. Our physical venue is right downtown in Auckland’s financial district. Look for the Sky Casino and Auckland Sky Tower, and we’re just 200 meters away.

The Risk Difference in Places to Sell Gold

For the modern, digitally-connected world, no one can argue that there’s not lots of different places to sell one’s personal gold, silver and similar. Whether online auctions, classifieds, online markets or outright private sales, the Internet has made it extremely easy for people to connect and sell, trade or barter all sorts of goods. However, despite the technology advances and making the big world smaller in terms of communication, principles of sale as old as Roman times still apply – buyer (and seller) beware – Caveat Emptor!

The problem with lots of parties are that they aren’t professional at all or a seller could find him or herself dealing with a risky individual or operation. Story after story, people who normally are very intelligent and wise have been duped and scammed just as easily as anyone else because many fraud players are extremely crafty at getting people to separate themselves from their valuables. So, a lot of folks hesitate or refuse to sell at all because the potential risk seems too high.

Gold Smart offers a viable, safe alternative to sell broken gold and precious metals in New Zealand. Our operation has been in place for years as a licensed New Zealand business and financial operation. We have a long track record of customer service and satisfaction with one of the lowest business risk factors in the industry because we are so well-established. Gold Smart takes all types of precious metals for bulk purchase and pays pricing tied to the latest market values for recycled precious commodities. We can handle safe and secure sales online or in person, just 200 meters from the Sky Casino or Auckland Sky Tower in Auckland’s downtown financial district. We take the unknown out of the process and put reliability and valuable immediate cash pricing at your disposal right away. Why sell your broken gold anywhere else with a bunch of unknowns?