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Being Gold Buyers we are often surprised with the horrendous mark-ups that our customers have paid for Jewellery from well-known retail stores. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of gold jewellery that was purchased at a 500% mark-up over and above the actual gold value. When you buy something from a retail jewellery store you are paying for manufacturing, shipping, handling, packaging, and the retail store overheads including salespeople. Each time someone has “touched” the item from manufacturing to the time it’s in your hands.

Gold jewellery markups are significant – simply put, jewellery is not an investment! Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. If you buy something for it’s beauty then expect that it’s real value may be a lot less than what you paid. Another word of caution – don’t bother trying to sell gold back to the jeweller because our customers say they either simply won’t buy any gold back from you or they will offer low rates.

This week we’ve also had a lot of people comment to us they would be uncomfortable to sell gold in front of other people, especially in public locations such as shopping malls. Gold Smart customers are discerning when selling gold and we offer a professional and personal service that pays you more.

If you are embarrassed to go into a shopping mall or dodgy pawn shop then talk with the professional gold buyers – Gold Smart today!