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Sell Jewellery to Gold Smart

Gold Smart is proud to provide New Zealand residents with a safe and inviting place to sell jewellery. We have years of experience serving those looking to sell jewellery in New Zealand. Schedule an appointment, bring your gold or silver jewellery in for an appraisal and you will find our prices are quite competitive. The best part is we do not apply any pressure during the sales process. You can obtain a quote and walk right out the door if you like. We encourage those looking to sell jewellery to compare our prices to those of the competition. As long as your jewellery is your own property, there is a good chance we will make you an offer.

Gold Jewellery Buyers New Zealand

Though it is true that most pieces of jewellery are worth money, we are especially interested in buying jewellery that contains gold or silver. Whether it is a gold ring, necklace, earring, bracelet, wedding band, bangle or other piece of jewellery, we will make an offer as long as it contains the precious metal(s) we desire. It does not matter if your gold or silver jewellery is no longer on-trend, useful, visually pleasing etc. We will make an offer so you can walk out with a wad of cash in your pocket and a smile on your face. So don’t let those old pieces of jewellery sit in your jewellery box or dresser drawers a day longer. Bring them to Gold Smart and you can hit the town with a bundle of cash. Maybe you will use the money to buy new on-trend jewellery that you can wear without feeling self-conscious. Perhaps you would like to take a road trip to one of New Zealand’s scenic locales. It will prove much more enjoyable than a day at home with an old gold or silver piece of jewellery collecting dust in your closet.

Gold Smart Will Even buy Your Scrap Gold

If you own broken, busted, chipped, scratched or dented jewellery that contains gold or silver, do not throw it away! It does not matter how bad your jewellery looks. As long as it has gold or silver, we are interested in it. We will even buy broken pieces of rings, earrings, necklaces, bars, coins, teeth, wire and alloy as long as they contain silver or gold. We are looking for items with solid gold or silver construction as opposed to jewellery with a thin coating of these precious metals. Call us up, schedule an appointment and one of our precious metals experts will take a look at your piece. You will be provided with a fair quote that you can accept, turn down or contemplate in the ensuing days.

Though you can certainly take your gold or silver jewellery and walk out of our establishment after obtaining a quote, there is no guarantee the exact same price will be available when you return. This is due to the fact that the price of gold and silver is dynamic. The value of these precious metals fluctuates as supply and demand change. This is why we encourage gold jewellery sellers in New Zealand to accept our offer it they consider it to be fair. It is better to take the money today just in case the price of gold or silver decreases in the ensuing days, weeks, months or years.