Posted on: 26th August 2015 By Anita

AUCKLAND, 26 August, 2015 – Recognised in New Zealand for their excellent customer service as gold buyers, Gold Smart ( is offering tips to those who want to sell their old gold jewellery for cash.  Selling jewellery is a popular way to put extra money in your pocket, especially around the holidays.  Gold Smart suggests…

There Is Still Time To Sell Gold And Silver
Posted on: 15th December 2014 By Anita

The Christmas holiday season is a meaningful moment in the year. It is time to rethink values, to ponder on life and everything that surrounds it. It is also time to redo plans, assess decisions we’ve made through the year and resume the path to an increasingly happy life. Soon there will be 365 new…

Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam – Adam Ruins Everything
Posted on: 24th November 2014 By Anita

...but you'll still end up buying one.

Sell Platinum Crucibles
Posted on: 1st October 2014 By Anita

Gold Smart buys all Platinum labware, which include Platinum Crucibles, Platinum Moulds, Platinum Dishes, Platinum Tweezers, Platinum Spatulas, Platinum Stirring Rods, Platinum Inoculating Loops, Platinum Cones, Platinum Triangles, Platinum Electrode, Platinum-tipped Tongs, Platinum Trays, in any condition, as well as any Platinum lids or any other Platinum scrap labware. A crucible is a container that…

The World’s Biggest Gold Heist
Posted on: 13th March 2014 By Anita

Whenever anyone envisions a huge bank robbery these days, they inevitably think of sophisticated criminals who use the latest technology in order to break into bank vaults of the highest security. No doubt these thoughts come from Hollywood movies like Die Hard and Oceans 11 (and 12, and 13). Truth be told however, some of…

You can’t spell Pawn Broker without “broke”
Posted on: 24th February 2014 By Anita

In the United States there are several shows on television about Pawn Brokers that are, in all honesty, quite interesting. People from all over bring in their valuable (and sometimes not so valuable) items to either sell or “pawn” and get some quick cash, and sometimes the items that they bring in are very interesting…

The World’s Most Valuable Gold Things
Posted on: 18th February 2014 By Anita

Gold has been valued for centuries because, well, it really looks nice. It’s got a beautiful color, a weight that really feels impressive and, since it’s highly malleable, it can literally be made into a million different things, or used as a covering for them as well. And boy oh boy, it sure has been…

What you Need to Know when Selling your Gold Watch
Posted on: 11th February 2014 By Anita

Men and women alike have always had a love affair with fine timepieces. When it comes to watches, there’s something about gold watches in general that really appeals to most people. The gold itself is very attractive, of course, and the weight of the fine gold watch on your wrist lets you know that not…

Sell Gold Krugerrand Coins in New Zealand
Posted on: 14th January 2014 By Anita

With the economy in the United States, Europe and, for that matter, most 1st world countries struggling, many consumers are looking to gold as a secure way to invest some of their money. Gold has a unique and solid history of excellent returns, is nonperishable and can be used in practically any country around the globe.…

Sell Gold Sovereign Coins in New Zealand
Posted on: 16th December 2013 By Anita

We talk a lot about gold here on our website (our name is Gold Smart after all) and today we are going to be looking at gold sovereign coins which are gold coins from the United Kingdom and various other countries. Today’s gold sovereign coins were named after their English counterpart, last minted in the…